The following battery life champion: Details about the Redmi 4 smartphone

The next creation of Xumi is to boast of an economical 14 nanometer chip And in a massive battery in the best tradition

The launch of the Redmi Note 4 provided us with yet another impressive smartphone with great hardware at a great price to fantasize about, but at the same time was also a slight disappointment for some consumers due to the decision to adopt the The Helio X20 has ten cores , Which has already proved itself to be far from excellence in its work efficiency and probably will not be able to take the battery of the 4,100mAh of the smartphone to new heights in terms of battery life.

If you too belong to a camp that is interested in monstrous battery life at a sane and competitive price, then do not lose hope - The little brother Of the Redmi Note 4 approaches us, and looks like the ultimate solution you were looking for.

According to results from the Geekbench performance test database, the new Redmi 4 will include Qualcom's new Snapdragon 625 chip, which includes eight Cortex A53 cores with 2GHz operating speed alongside an Adreno 506 graphics core, and has achieved very high efficiency thanks to a process-based Samsung's production at 14-nm. This is in addition to not bad performance at all, which is a fairly significant upgrade against the octagonal Snapdragon 616 (in 28 nm) Redmi 3 and Redmi 3 Pro.

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Not bad performance compared to Redmi 3 - along with a big improvement in power consumption, we hope
Not bad performance compared to Redmi 3 - along with a big improvement in power consumption, we hope

The chip is supposed to join 2GB of memory And 16GB of built-in storage on the basic model that will probably be priced at 700 RMB as last year - and 3GB of Next to 32GB 's , Or maybe even 64GB 's (If we see the continuation of the line from the Redmi Note 4) at a price of about 900 RMB, which is about 135 USD in direct conversion.

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Documentation of the new model on the way

The rest of the specification of the Redmi 4 is not entirely clear, but it is expected to have a "semi-metallic" envelope such as that of the Redmi Note 3, an 5 IPS screen and a 720p or 1080p resolution, a 13 megapixel camera and a 5 megapixel camera Secondary, system 6.0.1 marshmallows with the latest MIUI 8 interface, Built - and the same 4,100mAh battery that together with the compact screen and the efficient chip may offer us a dream time between charging and charging, which is very difficult to find in other mainstream devices.

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The launch of the new smartphone may take place over the next month - and we are certainly waiting for it with impatience and alertness.