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Next-generation Huawei chip coming way to us (updated)

It is reported that the third-largest manufacturer in the market has begun mass production of high- 970, ahead of the launch of the large 10 Mate device

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With the surprising sales figures reported to her some time ago, there is no argument that the " Seriously - and so are the flagship products it brings to the market.

According to the latest reports, Chinese company is almost ready for the serial production of Mate 10 devices, which will be its leading product for the second half of 2017 - and also the premiere stage for The new generation of HiSilicon, 970.

New attempt to compete with 835 and 8895

The development of the Kirin 970 chip is fully completed, it seems, and is in your mass production phase for entry into the spoken Mate 10 models that may win their official announcement this October - likely based on a new and advanced 10 nm manufacturing process TSMC, with eight processing cores similar or identical to those we received at Kirin 960 (at increased working frequencies, most likely), an enhanced in-house graphics core With 12 processing threads in place of only eight in- 960, and a host of advanced and modern features.

This may look like the future tablet of the top Chinese manufacturer in the market

The Mate 10 is also likely to come with an 6.1-inch diagonal edge-to-edge ultralight screen, a dual rear camera that quickly becomes one of the manufacturer's flagship features, a screen with three-dimensional touch-sensing support and more - so there's definitely what to expect , Even at a time when not all details are known.

updating: A company teaser image points to a planned launch of Mate 10 on 16 in October, two months from now. Want to try and guess what the price tag will be?

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