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The next big launch of the Xiomi: Mi A3 smiles to the camera

The smartphone will abandon the MIUI interface for a system One without additions and unnecessary changes would be a very significant upgrade compared to the previous one

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Xiaomi's prices, for each product and every level of performance, are something that is very difficult to compete successfully - and when you combine this fact with long-term quality software support and much more than Get a sure recipe for success. This point has been proven to us by the manufacturer's Mi A1 and Mi A2 models that have become especially popular in the country (and not only in the last two years) - and now it seems that it's almost time for our long-awaited third round.

Rumors and reports about the Mi A3 have increased significantly in recent days, and we now seem to have received our smoking gun that reveals the key elements of the intriguing product - official-looking commercial packaging with the requested branding, and a snapshot of the device itself with the initial protection sticker with detail on the Super Screen AMOLED size 6.08 inches, 665 up-to-date and economical, Built under the screen, a triple rear photo array and a generous 4,030mAh battery.

The main technical details are officially verified?
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The 64GB or 128GB, 4GB dynamic memory, 6 millimeter headphone jack, 3.5ac dual-channel Wi-Fi connectivity, 802.11 megapixel SLF camera within a small 'drop' bit And of course the Android system is up to date with very few changes to the AOSP version as part of the familiar Android One program. This is a significant improvement over last year's Mi A32 suggested 660 but was satisfied with the 3,000mAh battery only and did not include a slot Expand storage and slot for vista .

The design will consist of glass cladding on the back and front - at least black, white or blue

The design of the Mi A3 in the first leaked images, along with the specification, make it feel very similar to the fresh CC9e introduced a few weeks ago - when the main difference between them and the operating system interface seems to be the use of the FullHD Plus resolution screen in A3, Compared to the HD Plus screen only on CC9e. Is it possible to predict that the price of the One will not be too far from that of the CC9e, which was presented with a basic cost tag of 1,300 RMB only (about NIS 675)? We hold our fingers.

The headphone slot makes a comeback - and so does In great capacity, to our great joy
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The Mi A2 was introduced in July last year, so launching the current month of the Mi A3 seems to make a lot of sense - and probably alongside the discounted Mi A3 Lite model, details of which are not yet known to us. We will continue to monitor and update you on all major developments!

Let's hope to see an alternative Lite model, One also this year

updating: The official launch date for the Mi A3, with or without a cheaper fireplace, seems to be set for tomorrow - Wednesday the July 17. Watch for updates!

Prepare for the arrival of the successor of the One of the best selling in the world


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