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The next invincible tablet

Samsung returns the brand Its Active to Action - with a touch pen and enlarged dimensions

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Want an Android tablet that isn't afraid of two left hands? You don't have many options to choose from in the modern market, but to our delight Decided to take the initiative and bring the Tab Active Pro - a major upgrade compared to Tab Active 2 introduced about two years ago.

The new Tab Active Pro provides users with an enlarged 10.1-inch screen with 1,920 × 1,200 pixel resolution, high average 550 Nit brightness which should be convenient for use under direct sunlight as well as adjusting the touch sensor layer for proper operation with wet fingers as well Gloves - which makes it clear that this is a product designed for professional workers as well, and not just for a home audience who doesn't want to worry about shocks and falls.

Missed physical buttons on your smartphone? Here they make a comeback, in favor of situations where the user (who works with the product) will not want to touch and dirty the touch screen

The fresh tablet offers Qualcomm's efficient and up-to-date Snapdragon 710 octagon, expandable 64GB internal storage with microSD cards, 4GB dynamic memory, Android Pie, 13 megapixel rear camera, 8 megapixel X-front camera, Wi-Fi connectivity Channels, Bluetooth connectivity 802.11, Built-in NFC, which is a relatively rare feature of tablets, front fingerprint scanner, receiver Built-in, slot for And a generous 7,600mAh battery.

The S-Pen is a worthy addition to any As for him, as far as we are concerned, and we are certainly happy to see him get a place of honor here

Like other Active Devices of In the past, the highlight in Tab Active Pro is a massive rubber cladding body that helps it boast exceptional durability with IP68 standard for water and dust protection as well as compliance with the MIL-STD-810G paint standard for resistance to blows, falls and shocks of various types. It should be one of the most durable tablets around, and will do so for a considerable number of dimensions including 9.9 millimeters in thickness and a weight of just over 650 grams. Certainly not the most compact in the category, but the target audience of such a product is likely to be willing to compromise and settle on this data for the unique benefits the model provides.

Samsung equips the Tab Active Pro in its smart S-Pen pen, which gets its own dedicated slot in the body of the tablet just like the family of devices Note - and also support for its DeX technology, which will allow the device to be connected to an external screen and receive a custom UI for use with a physical mouse and keyboard.

DeX is a nice add-on that can make your tablet even more useful

The aggressive-looking tablet will be on sale in Europe starting next month, at a recommended price of 600 Euro for a model with Wi-Fi connectivity and for an 670 Euro for a model that also includes connectivity Fourth Generation - Let's hope to land sooner or later in the country as well.

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