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The numbers behind the shopping frenzy: $ 1 billion in 68 seconds, 38 billion a day

This year, too, the Alibaba Group showcased its economic data from Chinese Bachelor Day - and this year, too, record highs and big numbers

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You bought more than you planned As part of the extensive Bachelor Day specials which Attack the network in the last day? That's okay - know that you're really, really not alone in this.

Jack Ma's Alibaba group, which also includes the full range of AliExpress, has shared its modern digital shopping holiday numbers - with Record revenue Almost unimaginable $ 38.4 billion in 24 hours, of which $ 1 billion was accumulated in just over a minute from the coupons and various offers on the air and 10 $ 1 billion gained in just over half an hour.

Alibaba was not alone in the campaign, of course, when it is likely that his major Chinese competitor's sales volume could bring us double and even higher than publicly disclosed - but it is doubtful that we will be able to get all relevant numbers from any competitor publicly, so the full figure remains Only rough estimate.

30.7 billion last year - and 38.4 billion this year

One thing is for sure here - the Bachelor Day sales that target the Far East audience (but are not limited to him of course) manage to dwarf all Western countries sales in the traditional Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday events. Last year's total sales of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday days in North America were estimated to be slightly less than 33 billion, which is a figure that may still grow this year but probably won't overtake Alibaba's earnings in just one day.

The East defeats the West when it comes to festive and concentrated shopping online (before the Bloomberg website data) - and this gap is set to continue to grow

So what reality have you achieved for yourself As part of all the colorful mess? Count in the comments.

Can we bet on 45 billion or more in 2020 revenue?


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