The obvious improvement? A new fast charger from Samsung to up to 25 watts

The 5G model of the S10 will be offered with a charger that should be significantly faster than those included with the other flagship devices from the giant company. Is there undeclared support for other models that can provide competition for domestic developments? And the like?

One of the major relative drawbacks of the new coyote products Came from the direction of the batteries, where despite the increased capacity and the power of the interesting PowerShare we have seen continued use of the 15 Watt fast charge (all relative), similar to previous generations.

It is worth noting that the batteries of At a fairly reasonable rate, with 40 to 45 percent of the full capacity that returns within half an hour and loads to full level in an hour and a half - but in an era where companies such as Oppo, OnePlus and now also Offer innovative loads that deliver over half an hour of capacity and return to full capacity within one hour or less - the technology of the market leader no longer feels worthy, especially in its products, a cost of more than NIS 70.

The new charger from home . Using it will not necessarily give you a faster charge for each device - but a compatible firmware update may well allow retroactive for additional models

The improvement may already be around the corner, it seems - with evidence that the new 5G version of the " S10 comes with an enhanced wall charger that supports the Power Delivery capability of the standard 3.1 to offer maximum power up to 25 watts, or 60 per cent more than the current charges known to us.

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Maximum load capacity increased by 60 percent probably will not provide high effective charging speed of 60 percent - but will still be a welcome upgrade

Reports that the new cargo will also be included in the intermediate model A70 brings the hope that all of 2019's 25-enabled devices actually support XNUMX-watts - all it takes is a separate purchase of the corresponding charger, significantly shortening the connection time to the wall. Is this the missing figure that will turn the And even more modern? We will continue to follow and update.

OTA update that adds support for loading 25 watts The various S10 has been observed in China, seemingly - will we soon see it in the rest of the world?