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The invisible camera: OnePlus will unveil an innovative smartphone at CES 2020

A concept called Concept One will provide glass cladding with technology that comes to us from the automotive world - as befits a product developed in collaboration with engineers from McLaren

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Recently, smart device makers in China seem to have taken the initiative when it comes to implementing and implementing new technologies in the field - and it seems that Ready to join the trend itself with a unique model that will be on display in just a few days at the CES show in Las Vegas.

Young teaser official teasers announce the unveiling of a device that meets Concept One, and will be the most significant trend change in its product line since the days of One that started it all - a low-availability device that can be extremely expensive and expensive and designed to show technical characteristics that we have yet to meet with any other product.

Special event for a special device - sometime between January 7th and January 10th, in the meantime without an exact date

Initial estimates predicted a OnePlus folding screen device, but now story Wired Online magazine reveals that it is a standard configuration device but with a special rear design that will include electrochromic glass cladding above the photographic array - a dedicated structure capable of altering its physical properties (degree of opacity or opacity in this case) dependent on electrical current transmitted through it. In other words, the Concept One will be the first product in the smartphone market with an array of "disappearing cameras" that are sealed behind the glass cover as a default and are exposed to the world and the user's eyes only when the photography application is activated.

It is unclear how useful this feature will be (it may be helpful to a self-adhesive self-sealing camera at any given time when it is not in use), but it is exciting to see unusual and unexpected attempts to innovate and surprise in the field - from a company that has so far focused primarily on tracking trends Leaders sell and deliver them to consumers at a lucrative price.

Sketches of the intended smartphone look - with some futuristic electrochromic glass means something that can be found nowadays, among other things in luxury vehicles and prototypes of semi-transparent televisions

What more surprises for the Concept One? During this week we will find out - and we will of course provide the answer for you, of course.

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