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The Kings of Performance want to be champions in photography: the iPhone 11 family is entering the race

Three new and hungry models from home Try to prove to the world that she has not yet forgotten how to innovate and surprise

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A year less than two days after the family XS, along with the XR, we get a much more significant update from home For its smartphones - with even more processing power in transit, my life Better and also changes in photography capabilities which also dictate the change (not surprisingly, to anyone who has even followed the preliminary leaks) in the exterior appearance of the models.

The distinction between the discounted model and the leading luxury models is almost completely erased by the roll of 2019, creating a situation where the 11 is actually the successor to the XR - with an 6.1-inch IPS screen at 1,792 × 828 pixels, with a pair of 12 megapixel rear cameras each, with 4GB of LPDDR4 memory and an extra 3,110mAh battery Battery life promised with the discounted model of Last year.

Who asked for more color diversity and didn't get it?

The device will be offered for sale in no less than six different shades (black, white, red, yellow, purple and green) and priced at US $ 700 (not including tax) or European Euro (including local VAT equivalent) for base model with volume Of 64GB. Want blacksmiths Enlarged? Add 50 dollars / euros to double the volume and 100 dollars or extra 120 euros for the upper volume of 256GB for this model.

The base cost is slightly cheaper than the XR - There is a water protection upgrade that aligns the line with the features of the advanced model pair

iPhone 11 Pro will be the new compact version of With screen 5.8-inch size with 2,436 × 1,125 resolution for familiar 458ppi display density, which boasts support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 standards, increased 800 Nit maximum brightness, 2,000,000 contrast ratio: 1, 120 high-speed touch sampling The DCI-P3.

The two sizes we know from the last two years continue for another round - with increased thickness and weight

Alongside the upscale screen you'll find 4GB LPDDR6X memory, fast internal 256GB, 64GB or 512GB internal storage, a 12 megapixel selfie camera with a secondary depth sensor for good face detection technology, XAUMA X-ray, and stereo audio speakers In 3,190 hours from those of the XS - and the highlight in the form of a triangular rear camera, with a main 12 megapixel sensor from home Featuring optical image stabilization, a new wide-angle 12 sensor and a close-up 12 sensor for close-up photography with an optical stabilization array as well.

Camera hardware has not evolved very significantly compared to the XS generation models, but Apple guarantees that the new image processing engine alongside machine learning capabilities will significantly improve the quality of the products

Prices of the 11 Pro will stand at 1,000 Dollar or 1,150 Euro for basic storage, 1,150 Dollar or 1,320 Euro for the mid-range model and 1,350 Dollar or 1,550 Euro for the most generous version with 512GB for internal storage.

New shade - and volume Basic too small relative to price tag

The iPhone 11 Pro Max will be the company's largest and most prestigious model, with an 6.5-inch OLED panel and an 2,688 × 1,242 pixel resolution with all the luxury features of the 11 Pro, 4GB LPDDR6X memory, storage between 64GB and 512GB, and a built-in 3,500mAh battery that should upgrade battery life from XS Max in about five hours - although at an increased thickness and weight of 8.1 millimeters (compared to last year's 7.7 millimeters) and 226 grams (vs. 208 grams).

The new screens are supposed to be more quality, and more clearly brighter than ever

God- 11 Pro and the The 11 Pro Max will both be available in four shades (silver, gray, gilt and green which is a new addition to the company's top models), with the price of the Pro Max being the most massive and standing at 1,100 dollars as a base for a modest 64GB volume, 1,250 dollars for a model with 256GB volume As upgrading is required for a device from the cutting edge of technology in 2019 and 1,450 dollars to 512GB - or 1,650 euros in European countries. Ouch.

All three models will be operated by me A13 Bionic is up-to-date with an updated 7 nm manufacturing process from TSMC, which has six core self-development and four core clusters, also a personal development company - with a performance improvement of about 20 on all fronts over A12 Bionic under the same power consumption or performance of the previous generation under low power consumption by about 30 to 40 percent. If that is not enough, there is also a new internal unit for accelerating machine learning and artificial intelligence - which improves the pace of mathematical operations with matrices (or tensors) by 6 compared to what they could provide. A12.

We have not provided information about using the technology In the production of the A13 chips - but this is probably what happens behind the scenes

This is not the biggest leap we have seen among chipset generations - But given that the company still leads in most of the graphics processing parameters, this improvement should be enough to keep the crown (or at least very close to the top) in the face of competition in 2020.

All three models will feature dual-channel Wi-Fi 802.11ax (or Wi-Fi 6) connectivity, built-in wireless Qi charging, IP68 protection against water and dust, Dolby Atmos support and 18 watt-charging support at last - when the Pro models Enjoy a compatible cargo inside the pack by default while the buyers 11 will still need to purchase the product to enable it separately.

God- XR and the 8 will be the models that will continue for another year in stores, at slightly lower prices

The family 11 will hit stores in select markets starting in 20 in September, when it is likely that the landing in the country will occur shortly after that date - although official prices are unknown to us yet. What do you think of this supply of the giant company from Cupertino? Let's tell us in the comments.


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