Pocophone under pressure? Xumi will introduce a new Redmi model with Snapdragon 855

China's best-selling brand sub-brand on the way to compete directly with the young sub-brand that burst into our lives in the storm last year?

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The Redmi Note 7, which has been hijacked in China at impressive speeds, the more advanced Redmi Note 7 Pro, another mysterious device called Redmi X, which may soon be revealed. Also raging rumors about the possibility that we will see a real flag product in the series with Snapdragon 855 leads from .

Last year we saw the launch of a brand new brand called Poco, which brought us the impressive F1 Pocophone 845 senior and 4,000mAh battery at an unprecedented price. This model has also become a success story in India and in Israel, and it is possible that the Redmi brand, which has now become a separate management company from the parent company, will make a similar move soon - with specifications of a flagship product at half the price or even less. This can be seen in cannibalization of market share for other models of , But to this day we have seen quite a few other examples - apparently the manufacturer is not really afraid of this situation, and are convinced that they will find a suitable target audience for all dozens of models launched annually, at a time when other players significantly reduce their supply.

The original announcement by the Redmi brand manager, translated into English, leaves little room for doubt about the poet's intent

The general manager of the Redmi brand published a record of it and its people in the Chinese social network Weibo, which specifically mentioned the Redmi Note 7 Pro and another device based 855 - Is it actually the same Redmi X for which we got the first teaser a few days ago? Soon we will know the answer, we hope. What other technical features would I like to see in the most powerful Redmi ever created? Let's talk about it in reactions!

Xumi was the undisputed leader of the Snapdragon 845 last year in terms of scale and diversity - and it seems that this year it may break its own highs with God- The new and new 855