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The price war has begun: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 in Israel

The new state-of-the-art smartphone has landed in the country with official imports with a significant price tag - already cut thanks to competition between parallel importers

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Want to take pride in being one of the first in the Holy Land they own Having a camera with a tremendous resolution of more than 100 megapixels? This is now officially possible with the official marketing of the Mi Note 10 from home (Xiaomi) based on official local importer Hamilton - and also based on stores and chains that make unofficial self-imports for the same up-to-date and intriguing model.

The official Chinese manufacturer's representative in the country has started offering its official stores, website and various networks that collaborate with the overall 6.47-inch Super AMOLED model, 730G, 5,260mAh battery with a fast 30 watt charge and a five-pointed rear camera, with green, white and black shades at a recommended price tag of NIS 2,490 - which is no small addition compared to the official European price of 550 euros (including VAT), which in turn was Much higher than the price with which the Mi Note 10 was introduced in the Chinese market.

Big screen, Great, great resolution - but also unusually high price tag, in terms of highs

In order to wait a bit for the demand at times when we have already become accustomed to receiving high quality and highly competitive intermediaries at prices of less than NIS 1,500 and even less than NIS 1,000 - Hamilton is offering a gift to early buyers in the form TWS Mi Airdots Pro sample, at a declared present value of NIS 350.

Those who already own or simply don't want wireless headphones, and strive to get the same Mi Note 10 that has certainly received positive reviews from a variety of sources across the network - can contact the stores that offer the model with parallel imports, with prices already starting at under $ 2,000 And continue to crawl down every few days. In fact, at a lower price than the official recommended price (NIS 2,400), you will find a number of stores in the country that will offer you the leading Mi Note 10 Pro, with volume Dual 256GB and 8GB internal Dynamic.

Competition from parallel importers is welcome - and we believe it will also require the official local importer to cut its prices to come closer to the model's recommended prices in European countries

With this price level it is a difference of less than NIS 300 compared to the cheapest prices for the same device that can be found in Chinese online stores - when purchasing them there is always a risk of demand for VAT and customs fees that is not normally included in the prepaid payment and upon receipt of the product with Significantly delayed or physically hurt after the tedious journey of the various postal services. In a few months will it be possible to enjoy Mi Mi 10 and its 108 megapixels even at NIS 1,500 and less? We hope that the tough competition Both domestic and global markets will do its thing.


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