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A cheaper replacement: LG G8s ThinQ arrived in Israel

A more accessible version of the flagship G8, which does not give up using a powerful Snapdragon 855, S10e is popular in the domestic market

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The source has not landed in Israel from one consideration or another of the local manufacturer and importer, but now LG's smart flagship product is available for purchase in Israel - in the form of the G8s, which is an alternative to the standard LG G8 and will flourish alongside the leading models of the main competitor .

The LG G8s ThinQ features an 6.21 2,248 OLED plastic display with 1,080 × 5 resolution, Gorilla Glass 10 shielding, and HDRXNUMX and Dolby Vision standards for viewing content in a wide dynamic range, Snapdragon 855 is a leading octagon of Qualcomm, 6GB dynamic memory, 128GB internal storage with optional expansion for extra terabytes with microSD card slot, IP68 official water and dust protection system Pie with an interface UX 8.0 above, 3.5 millimeter slot for headphones, fingerprint scanner, connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channels, Connectivity 5.0 with support for the aptX HD standard, a built-in radio receiver, built-in wireless connectivity in the Qi standard and an 3,550mAh battery with support for charging Quick Charge 3.0.

The first son of the G8 family, which can be officially obtained in the Holy Land

The new smartphone boasts less than five different photo units, with three in the back, including a main 12 megapixel unit with an optical image stabilization array, an additional 12 megapixel camera for optical zoom shots and an additional 13 mega pixel unit for wide angle shooting - when In front you will find a 8 SLP camera and a time-of-flight (TOF) sensor that gives you a unique ability to control the device interface with hands-free gestures.

The handset is available in black only at this stage, with a two-year warranty from the local representative

As with most of its leading devices in recent years, audio and sound continue to be a key point for Also in the current model which includes a pair Front stereo, DTS X support and stereo audio recording at 192KHz sampling rate when taking videos - things you can not see on any device sold on the market, including those priced at 2,000 or more.

Audio capabilities continue to be higher than standard in the market - and there are other technological gimmicks such as contactless and security control according to the structure of the face and the structure of the veins in the palm of the user

The LG G8s is officially offered in Israel in black and priced at NIS 2,750. In some stores it can be found at a small discount of NIS 2,730, while buyers in Eilat can get it for 2,330. S10e and even more expensive than what- S10, when comparing the prices of parallel importers. Does the A chance to win this competition? You are welcome to share your views in comments.

Skullcandy's wireless network worth about NIS 500 to be awarded to buyers by the end of the current month (July) should sweeten the deal for the undecided

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