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Step by step: Google launches the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Will there be any surprises? The main launch event of For smart devices for the year 2019 is about to start showing us all the programs

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Long weeks of wonderfully detailed leaks (as is tradition) are about to end in a few minutes - with the opening whistle of the Made by event 2019, which will show us the 4, the 4 XL and probably a number of other hardware products.

The latest rumors talk about what we expect Available in white, black or orange with internal storage volumes of 64GB and 128GB and volumes Dynamic 6GB - Initial 800 Dollar Prices for the 4 and 900 dollars for the 4 XL (not including tax), as in the generation 3, when the enclosures do not contain Any millimeter or 3.5 adapters for .

Three sensors, three shades - and prices and volumes Selling

Are you considering making the new Pixel your next personal device or not? In any case, it is worth joining the broadcast and see what the modern vision of the In the eyes of the company that created the platform.

Google's first device at the event is the Pixelbook Go mobile, with an 13.3-inch screen, an interesting metallic casing with 'ribs' all its length and width, a Chrome OS course and a starting price of 650 dollars, which sounds relatively short but gives something basic with 64GB storage Dynamic Memory, 8GB and Core m3 CPU .

Maximum specs with 4K resolution, processor i7, drive Of 256GB and Dynamic Memory of 16GB will be priced at 1,400 USD

Declaration of the devices 4 has begun - and quite naturally its innovative supersonic sensor, a product of Project Soli that we heard about half a decade ago, is at the center.

The updated Smart Assistant is enabled by pressing gestures on both sides of the device body, with a combination of local artificial intelligence capabilities and artificial intelligence capabilities available on servers In the cloud.

There's also a smart new call recording app that can be based on the NLP model To turn voice calls into text, even without network connectivity.

The new panel includes refresh rates of up to 90 Hz - just as we had predicted.

Three shades - and selling price of 800 dollars for the model Basic 4.

Impressive super-zoom capabilities are expected from the cameras, as a sort of "replacement" for the lack of a wide-angle camera on devices - and a new Live HDR Plus capability will showcase imaging The advanced HDRs the devices can produce Even before photography, and not just afterwards.

Camera app on 4 will include the option to control the dark and bright parts of the image separately - as well as offer a unique mode for shooting the sky elements in complete darkness.

The camera in the center of the In our current generation, too, to our delight - and it certainly looks and sounds promising.

The direct event of End it - and it's time to voice your voice and tell us what you think of this new material offering in the comments.

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