The Mi Mix 3 smartphone in Israel, now also in official import

The official representative of the Chinese manufacturer has launched the flagship product from the end of last year in the local market - parallel to the announcement of its 5G version at the exhibition 2019

The company 's first official event (Xiaomi) at the Mobile World Congress did not provide us with amazing new announcements (although we held fingers to some details about that mysterious double-folding device), but demonstrated the manufacturer's intentions to significantly strengthen its presence in the Western world - and perhaps in Israel, Formal model of another ambitious model.

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The Mi Mix 3 was launched by Hamilton With a mechanical slider mechanism that allows you to hide the front cameras and maximize the display panel, Snapdragon 845, 128GB internal storage, 6GB dynamic memory, system Pie and 3,200mAh battery with wireless charging support - at a recommended price of NIS 2,500, which will try to compete with the parallel import prices of the model that have been available in the market for several months and start at approximately NIS 2,200 (and less than NIS 2,000 in Eilat).

The Mi Mix 3 has been praised for its design, Which is now used as the basis for the company's first leap into the 5G connectivity era - the Mi Mix 3 5G was launched with the same structure and characteristics as the use of the chip 855 and dedicated X50 modem, at an official recommended price of EUR 600 for European countries, some of which will be available in the next few days.

The main advantage of the official import of the Mi Mix 3 is the wireless charger included in the price - which is not available to the parallel importers in most cases

The X-NMXG version of the Mi Mix 5 probably will not land in Israel (although the device will definitely work here too, based on its second, third and fourth generation connectivity), but the Mi 3 that is also equipped with a chip Innovative 855 and a three-dimensional rear-view array defined as very impressive and impressive - this model was launched in its international version at the price of 450 Euro version with 6GB of And 64GB for storing and priced 500 Euro version with volume Double of 128GB, with availability just around the corner.

The Mi-Mix 5G model can be proud of being the X- The cheapest 855 to date - and the fifth generation cellular handset the cheapest to date parallel

This international version assures us that the Mi 9 will be coming to the Holy Land soon as well, probably as the first Snapdragon 855 in the area, with the price being NIS 2,000 for the base version and 2,300 for the version with 128GB of storage - For a new top end product from .

Mi 9 goes on an international tour - and will probably arrive in the Holy Land during March

Consider whether to buy the Mi Mix 3 or the Mi 9, or have appliances Others that interest you even more? Let's share your comments!