The smartest wallet in the area has become a hit in the HWzone

The smartest wallet in the area has become a hit with mass funding

The wallet will also charge your smartphone wirelessly, also make sure you do not forget it anywhere and give you a chance to catch rogue pickpockets Want to be the next big thing in your pocket

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We come across quite a few declarations that the old and familiar wallet, which contains all our means of payment and physical identification in one place, is plump and not so secure, has to disappear from the face of the earth and give way to more advanced and innovative means - but we also know a lot Users disagree with this assertion, and continue to like the same material format for keeping everything that matters.

If you too belong to the second school, you should take a look In the new work that meets the name Volterman, And claims to combine several smart and modern capabilities without giving up the ability to contain money, credit cards and other documents.

Who said there was no more need for wallets in the modern world?

This smart wallet, Which is in the midst of a very successful fundraising venture on the Indiegogo platform, promises to provide the purchasers with a high-quality, durable and water-resistant leather shell - Built in to charge your smartphone in emergency situations, a GPS component to track the wallet's location if stolen or lost, Bluetooth connectivity for quick warning against loss or theft, (!) That will allow you to record the face of the one who opened the wallet at a time, protecting the electronic cards inside from RFID scanners that could disrupt their operation, and even supporting wireless charging, both in the built-in battery and in smartphones supporting the technology.

Afraid to forget something on the table in a restaurant or on public transport? This wallet can save you

The company developing the product plans to offer the Volterman in three different configurations - a non-foldable three-pocket wallet and a built-in 2,000mAh battery, a classic eight-pocket folding wallet and a large 2,600mAh battery and a large hiking bag with 5,000mAh battery and also for your passports. One for every consumer - or a varied trio for those who really, really like purses.

The company assures us that it is a wallet of normal and perfectly reasonable dimensions - although you will not find a pocket for coins

The Volterman venture has successfully raised more than $ 330,000, an impressive leap over the base amount of 45,000 for which it has been set, and which may yet surpass and exceed a half-million dollar mark in 23.

The smartest smartphone that has ever come to us?

intrested? In the next three weeks, you can get the Volterman at a starting price of $ 91, including free shipping to Israel for the basic and smallest model - or the price of 139 and 157 respectively for the larger models. Charger A dedicated (leather-covered) wallet for the wallets is offered at a separate cost of $ 29, and the custom lettering on the wallet is offered for an extra $ 19 - while a package that includes the wireless charger and all three types of wallets is offered for a total price of $ 365 So far, 200 has different consumers.

So are these smart wallets the highlight of the year, or just a product that tries to do too many things that are not really intended for them? Let us share your thoughts with comments.


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  1. It looks really cool, if only because you always carry around with a portable charger available but without being carried around all day with a mobile charger…
    I ordered ?

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