The smartphone market has experienced a great quarter, led by Samsung, Apple and Huawei • HWzone

The smartphone market has experienced a great quarter, led by Samsung, Apple and Huawei

Recent data indicate that the second half of 2015 has started very prolific for the leading smartphone makers

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Market survey company IDC Unveiled its data About the third quarter of 2015 when it comes to the smartphone market - and even if you are infinitely fond of these elegant little pieces of technology, you seem to have quite a few reasons for optimism.

In the quarter ended September 30, 355.2 sold around the world All over the world, a six percent increase over the corresponding quarter in 2014, which is the second quarter in terms of smartphone sales after the final quarter of 2014 where approximately 375 million devices were sold worldwide - a record likely to break in the last quarter of 2015.

The smartphone market continues to scramble forward - and the current quarter (the last 2015) may be the first ever where sales of more than 400 have seen a million smartphones
The smartphone market continues to roll ahead - and the current quarter (last year for 2015) may be the first ever sales of over 400 million smartphones

This is good news for all smartphone manufacturers, as it seems that unlike the tablet world, which has experienced a recent regression here, there is still considerable growth potential, and many more markets are eager to connect to the revolution of smart devices.

However, there is no argument that the biggest gainers from the increased demand are the top three manufacturers on the market - Which managed to increase its sales by about 5 million units on the way to 84.5 million devices sold in total (almost a quarter of all smartphones sold) Which increased its sales by 9 million units compared to the same period last year, on the way to sales of 48 million (which will probably grow significantly this quarter thanks to the new iPhones), and Huawei, which enjoyed great growth with sales of 26.5 million units, The third largest, with a considerable advantage over the Lenovo- and- Who are in fourth and fifth places.

Waffle continue to lead safely, although it seems that - May begin to narrow gaps as the senior Chinese representative

Other good companies such as Sony, and- They are all in a mix called 'Everything Else', along with hundreds of other manufacturers around the world, which together account for just under 45 percent of the smartphone market. That's about a five percent decline over the market share of all those other companies last year, indicating a certain convergence trend - though it's still too early to talk about a situation where some major and leading manufacturers are the sole controls (something we see in many other areas of the technology world).

How long will the status quo between the three largest producers in the market continue? We will live and see, but as of now the gaps between them are large and prominent.


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