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The smartphone that feels like a camera is available for early purchase

Unlocked the Vibe Shot Z , Which promises to provide the experience and quality of photography worthy of reasonable price, can be pre-order online

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To date we have seen several smart device manufacturers who have tried to create a quality combination between a pocket camera and a smartphone, often without too much success. Now, Decides it's her turn to try - with the Vibe Shot Z90-7, or Vibe Shot Z, for short. Will an attractive price help her succeed where the others have failed?

At its core, Lenovo's new smartphone is a solid intermediate device that will feature an 5-inch IPS screen and 1,080 × 1,920 pixel resolution, 615 is an octagonal cores in its more advanced version that includes four core Cortex A53 at a maximum frequency of 1.7GHz along with four additional Cortex A53 cores at a frequency of 1GHz, memory 3GB volume as well as volume Built-in 32GB, including a slot Expandable support for additional 128GB.


However, the main and leading feature of Vibe Shot Z is its camera - based on the 16 megapixel sensor, with an optical image stabilization system, two different shades of triple flash, laser-based auto focus and a dedicated physical photo button, and a switch for the switch Quickly switches between automatic and "professional" modes, which is more commonly known as manual mode on other devices. The front camera is also supposed to be bad, based on an 8 megapixel sensor that knows how to deliver FullHD quality.

The other features of the Vibe Shot Z include a system Up-to-date 5.0 loopup, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, FM radio receiver, and cladding 3 above the screen, certainly welcome in all cellular frequencies in Israel, as well as a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh.


The Vibe Shot Z is made of a beautiful, white, black or red metal shell and includes a vertical strip in the camera area that provides aesthetics very similar to compact pocket cameras (especially those from Sony's Cyber-Shot series). Despite the advanced sensor with the optical stabilization system, Was able to maintain fairly compact dimensions for the device with a thickness of about 7.6 millimeters and a weight of about 145 grams.


The Vibe Shot Z is now available for pre-purchase at a cost of $ 315 (approximately $ 100 in direct conversion), including free shipping to Israel and anticipating stock arrival starting September 1,225. Do we have a winner here for smartphone photography enthusiasts? But the potential undoubtedly exists.

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  1. Sounds good for an intermediate market device, where photography is usually decimated and it's a pity that you are not missing people who are not pursuing performance but are important for high quality photos.
    Would be nice with the 64GB model also came out despite the memory card, it's already starting to become a standard that devices come with 64GB built-in memory.

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