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Motorola Introduces: A smartphone that is also an extreme camera

Motorola introduces a new mid-range model with no other device around

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Motorola has launched quite a few innovative and special mobile devices during its many years in the field, and it's nice to find that the brand continues to dare and try to do things not like everyone else - even when it's not quite the same fancy company from the past.

The new One Action device looks like a pretty average model at first glance, and at second glance too - but overall One of the three at the back which makes it stand out in the crowd. In a style that is usually offered mainly in action cameras, designed to document under conditions where most smartphones will find it difficult to function properly or even survive.

Still here - and trying to innovate against all odds

The Motorola One Action offers a particularly long 6.3-inch IPS screen and 2,520 × 1,080 pixel resolution (21 "cinematic" aspect ratio: 9, similar to what we've already seen in Sony's Xperia 1), Exynos 9609 updated and economical octagon of Samsung, dynamic memory of 4GB, built-in 128GB storage with additional 512GB expansion with microSD cards, Android Pie with no redundant changes to the popular Android One program, headset slot, NFC built-in, fingerprint scanner in back, connectivity 802.11ac dual-channel and built-in 3,500mAh battery.

Different regions of the world will receive different shades of the product - with some places supporting the One of And in another part not

What's more interesting about everything in the model is the rear photography system, where you'll find a Sony 12 main sensor, a 5 megapixel used as a depth sensor - and a 16 ultra-wide 117 wide-angle camera Exclusively, which was mounted vertically from the direction we are used to on smartphones, so that in portrait mode, a wide horizontal image is actually obtained. Combining the main unit and the secondary video camera capability ensures that the user can produce videos Panoramas deserve regardless of the angle at which they position their device, so that record of all the action taking place in the environment is more convenient.

In a future where smart devices may include a particularly large amount of sensors of different types - an action camera mounted perpendicularly can definitely find its place

Despite the name of the device indicating its intention to replace the Extreme Cameras, the One Action does not include significant official protection against falls or water and dust (basic IPX2 standard only) - so its potential in the field is likely to be limited relative to that of cameras. And its like. However, the general idea is certainly interesting, and its more mature and advanced application may well find itself a small new niche in the modern crowded market.

The device does not include optical image stabilization - but the company believes that the integrated digital stabilization will be enough to produce content Quality even in challenging situations

God- One Action (or motorolaone action, as it is called in some official sources) will be offered in Europe starting in the coming days in dark blue, black and white at the price of 260 Euro, including VAT. Is this the start of a new successful trend?

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