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Smartphones are catching up: 144 Hz screen in your pocket, soon

120 Hz panels may turn into old news - the Nubia model The next Magic is about to offer us an even higher refresh rate

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Remember the days when home gaming screens with a refresh rate of 144 Hz were considered the best and most advanced thing your money could buy? Probably so, because that was the case until a few years ago - and by 2020, it seems that even your personal smartphone may offer similar display capabilities, which have suddenly become the new mainstream.

We haven't finished talking yet About the launch of the Axon 10s Pro 5G as the first Snapdragon 865 smartphone - And here's a company Provides us with a teaser about the next phase in its remake program, with another gaming model under the Nubia brand Magic that is supposed to officially arrive in Israel (unlike the Axon), and do so with an unprecedented 144 Hz panel in its field.

קישוריות Everywhere - even in markets where the infrastructure is still inactive

The Red Magic 5G smartphone will be presented as part of the upcoming MWC exhibition in Barcelona, ​​and will offer consumers a 6.65-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution at 144 Hz maximum refresh - to stand out over smartphones with 120 Hz screens that threaten to become much more common Than in the coming months. It is natural to assume that the device will include the The latest Snapdragon 865 (Partly because it's the only chip on the market that has officially declared support for 144 Hz), along with a modem X55 of course, Up to 5GB LPDDR16, IMX686 main photo sensor 64 megapixel resolution and large battery with fast charging.

The fast screen in the west ... and in the east, though it is not surprising that the Xiami, Asus and Compare capabilities and adopt the next generation technology

How fast is charging? Here comes another possible line of ZTE and the Red Magic , With evidence of a dedicated charging standard that will allow up to 80 watts of battery (at 4,500mAh or 5,000mAh capacity) for extreme fast charging - including the use of a built-in fan inside the smartphone body, which was also there on the pair of models Previous Magic and managed to prove its great utility, to cool the battery and increase its life.

Another teaser image indicates the use of three rear-facing photo sensors, as opposed to a single sensor on both devices Previous Magic that came to Israel

The Red Magic 3 and Red Magic 3S arrived in the country during the past year as part of the import of Bug stores - so there is good reason to believe that the Red Magic too Will come to the Holy Land eventually. Will all the crazy numbers translate into a hit in sales? We are still unconvinced, but intrigued enough to keep track of more ambitious Chinese manufacturer information.

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