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Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon chips 650 and Snapdragon 652

The chip maker has decided to change the name of its intermediate chips for 2016, and rightly so

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2015 was not the peak year for Qualcomm as a chip maker for smartphones and tablets, but judging by the pieces of information we've been getting in recent weeks - 2016 has been Looks much more promising And good for her. Maybe in order to continue with this disengagement from the present, which is not really brilliant (although it is not bad in any way, worth noting), in society Now re-launching The new Snapdragon 600 processors, with updated model names. Introducing the Snapdragon 650, the former Snapdragon 618, and the Snapdragon 652, which until now was known as Snapdragon 620.

This change of names is a definite step in our opinion, based on the Snapdragon 616 models And the Snapdragon 617 They are nothing more than a very tiny update to the The 615 we have known for almost a year - while the 650 and 652 chips are emerging as a significant leap forward.


The Snapdragon 650 is a hexagonal core chip with a new generation of Cortex A72 cores. , A four-core Cortex A53 that we are already familiar with and an updated graphics core of the Adreno 510 sample. God- 652 is even more advanced with the Cortex A72 quad-core, which promises to be a great improvement against the Cortex A57 cores, and four Cortex A53 cores alongside the same Adreno 510 core that will be responsible for the graphics processing. In both models the A72 cores will operate at a maximum frequency of 1.8GHz, the A53 cores will work for 1.4GHz, and the graphics core will operate at an 550MHz frequency.

The production process is still 28 nm Unfortunately, although its higher-performance HPm version and the supported RAM is still in the LPDDR3 standard, although this time in a dual channel rather than a single channel and an improved working frequency, they give together bandwidth that is much higher than the chips The Snapdragon 615. There is also a LTE modem with higher speed support, HEVC video codec support and video support At the rate of 30 frames per second and in 120 frames per second in 1080p.


We do not have too much details about the performance of the new models in the meantime, but it's probably enough to look at the initial performance we've seen from Kirin's 950 , Which also includes Cortex A72 cores as its central processing power, to understand that this is a huge upgrade over a processing array based solely on cost-effective Cortex A53 cores.

Also, initial results in the GFXBench graphical performance test for the Adreno 510 core show an improvement of nearly 3 (!) Compared to the old Adreno 405 cores in the current intermediate chips , With meaning Are higher than the core Adreno 330 of the year 2014, and are similar to those of the Adreno 418 core that can be found today at 808.

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A peek at the Adreno 510 core - much more powerful than the Adreno 405, and almost like the Adreno 418

As we have already said, there is no doubt that changing the model's names to illustrate Snapdragon 620 It's not just a small frequency add-on to Snapdragon 615 and Snapdragon 617, it's definitely a positive (or even vital) decision. We will see the new models in the first quarter of 2016, and it will be very interesting to see how they will compete against Helio X20 models Of Mediatek - because no other product, Including the Helio X10, Not exactly doing so right now.

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