Meet one of the cheapest Snapdragon 710 devices on the market

Beside The groundbreaking Pro GT model, We also received an interesting intermediate instrument from Lenovo

Chip 710 is the strongest that can be found in the middle market today, and it appears that this status has a positive effect on its productive position, which more and more people are choosing for price levels starting at $ 200 or higher.

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After Nokia, Samsung, Meizu, Xumi and others - comes Lenovo's turn to join the race, with the Z5s smartphone Replacing the infamous Z5, Which promised us a frame without a frame in an unprecedented manner and really did not meet the promise.

Succeed in correcting the negative impression left by his predecessor in the brand?

The Z5s will provide consumers with an 6.3-inch IPS panel with 2,340 × 1,080 pixels resolution, with a Gorilla Glass protective cover and a small drop drop in the center for a 16 megapixel SLF camera. Inside you will find the octagonal octagonal Snapdragon 710 which also includes a processing unit for artificial intelligence applications, 4GB or 6GB dynamic memory plus 64GB or 128GB of expandable storage with microSD cards, built-in fingerprint scanner, system 9.0 PIE straight out of the box, connectivity 802.11ac dual channel and 3,300mAh battery with support for fast 15 wat charging.

The device offers a protective layer for the internal components of P2i, which is designed to provide water and corrosion resistance - although it can not be compared to the IP67 or IP68 protection of course

The smartphone will be offered in three shades of black-gray, blue-purple or orange-red, with fairly reasonable thickness and weight relative to the 7.9 and 172 G display panels respectively - and with a three- A7 and The new A8s, including a standard main 16 unit, a 8 megapixel unit that offers 2 optical zoom and a third 5 megapixel depth sensor to create a bocca effect.

Three pretty shades, inspired by the fashion of Huawei

The specification may be far from the most impressive in the E- 710, but with prices of about $ 205 per base model with 4GB of And 64GB of , And also 235 dollars to about model with 6GB of Dynamic and 128GB storage is one of the cheapest in this intriguing sub-category, even taking into account the added cost when it is launched in Western countries.

Let us hope that it will reach the West and Israel, and will maintain a price as close as possible to that of the Chinese market

The first product in the 700 family of Seems like a success story, and we will not object to seeing continuity for it, which will continue to bridge the gap between the performance of the flagship products and the mainstream prices.