OnePlus Surprise: An 5G device in a HWzone hideout
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The surprise of OnePlus: An 5G device in a hiding place

The popular young brand also came to an exhibition 2019 - with next-generation device that includes a particularly long screen inside a dedicated case that doesn't reveal the full picture

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We didn't expect OnePlus to launch a new device at Barcelona's big mobile show, but its people seem to have decided not to leave us fully empty - bringing to the big stage a prototype of their first 5G model, which may share quite a few of its external (and internal) features with God- 7 designated future.

The mysterious device was featured under a thick white cover designed to prevent its general design from being exposed to data such as the weight, thickness or even the rear photography units - but there seems to be a bad chance that the device will not include a large screen flaw like the OnePlus 6 models, plus a panel Extremely long display in aspect ratio of 21: 9, just like the new Xperia 1. The device will of course also be based on God- 855, plus an X50 modem that is not built into the main processor.

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The device introduced one of the most promising uses of the fifth generation cellular era, featuring the title Ace Combat 7 in action at the 60 frame rate per second as part of a direct streaming service This season for Shadow. The broadcast required a fixed bandwidth of about 20 megabits per second to operate properly, with the company declaring that the full potential of the device in fifth-generation networks could reach 500 megabits per second, allowing direct streaming of titles at higher resolutions and even display rates. Higher (when we see more screens that support it) would seem possible, and perhaps completely erase the line between mobile gaming and "real" gaming on home consoles or PCs.

We still do not know when we'll see you The 5G in question is officially featured, and when will other models look more relevant to our local market - but there's no doubt that the future of He is very intriguing, no less than the models she has brought to the market so far. We will continue to follow and update you!

It should be noted that the direct flow of the demonstration based on 5G was carried out only from a designated mobile site established by the company - But of course we hope that in the day to come we can all enjoy similar capabilities in the smart devices in our pocket anytime, anywhere


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