The surprises of Qualcomm: fifth generation, 10 windows and virtual reality glasses from my days

The chip developer Hoping to break forward in the smart vehicle market as it prepares for an attack on the new generation of cellular connectivity

Qualcomm has unveiled its strong card, God- 845, even before the opening CES 2018 - but that does not mean she had no more announcements to deliver to us at the show itself.

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Smartphones with a fifth generation - within a year

The innovative X50 modem Claims to be the product that will launch the first devices that will certainly be based on the new era of cellular communications, and the company believes that The first to support the technology will be activated before the end of the year - in South Korea, China and the United States, now that the first official draft of the standard 3GPP has been distributed.

The chip developer declares cooperation with the company , , HTC, Sony and, And all this should give us an opportunity to see announcements about the first smart devices that support At the beginning of the 2019 - who knows, perhaps at the CES exhibition that will take place these days in a year.

We are still waiting for the fourth generation to break out in Israel in full volume with additional frequency bands allocated to the subject - but it seems that some players are already ready to start the next stage, with speeds that can also cause the wired Internet to envy

Which Got your car?

Like any other chip developer, Qualcomm also dreams of finding a huge new world of opportunities in the automotive market - through its Snapdragon chips, of course, which already include connectivity And enough processing power to operate the entertainment system and operate an array of external sensors to assist the driver. The stated goal is to provide the highest-quality experience and the most advanced technology to popular and popular vehicles

To illustrate that this is not only ideas and dreams, we have received a statement of future collaborations with Land Rover and Jaguar on one end, Honda and its chord (as a starting point) as a midpoint for a wider audience - and Chinese automaker BYD as a breakthrough point for the fast-developing market in the country.

This is probably not a good example of a vehicle that is available to everyone with advanced digital capabilities from - but the company promises that there will be many others

New chip for smart wireless headset

We really would not object to seeing more and more tiny and truly wireless in-ear headphones on the market, at cheaper prices and with better battery life, which is exactly what should give The company's new QCC5100, with low power consumption of 65 percent compared to previous audio solutions of the company, support for active noise cancellation - and preparation for support of smart assistants of , Amazon, And even Beidu- The Chinese.

Smart wireless will become a basic consumer product?

Fresh computer with And windows 10

After the first PCs from HP and ASUS based on the Windows on platform - We also received the announcement of Lenovo's new MiX 630 hybrid tablet with a 12.3-inch 1.3-kilogram screen with Snapdragon 835 and a system 10 S (can be upgraded to 10 Pro), dedicated keyboard cover, touch pen, life Of 20 hours and the price of 800 dollars. Worth it or not? Soon we'll know.

Mobile A new 835, which does not quite match the promises they received for much more competitive prices

Imaginary Reality Glasses They become a product of an everyday nature

At Qualcomm, they canceled their press conference by inviting representatives of the renowned Xiaomi company to the stage to unveil the Mi VR Standalone virtual reality glasses - Go, which are new and intriguing in another brand, and based on the imaginary reality platform of the world, rather than on the other , As a customized product dedicated to the Chinese market.

Two sides to the same coin - with chips 821 that purport to provide an experience Accurate and high quality

This intriguing collaboration is no doubt the result of the move made by Hugo Barra, a former Google, between Oumi and Oculus last year, and if this is the way to ensure the commercial success of Oculus Go and allow us to see more goggles Whole people who do not need wires and an external computer to operate - we are completely in favor of the project.

We very much want to see the virtual reality market becoming Completely - and perhaps it is the cooperation that can establish this direction as the new big thing

We have many more surprises for you from our visit to CES 2018 - keep track of us in the next few days!