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Thermaltake is not afraid to display an Iron-Man chassis

The Taiwanese company, which is mainly known for its cooling systems and power supplies, has recently introduced systems New water, a variety of gaming products and designed packages
Company Thermaltake Introduced Last year at her booth at the show Computex A large and spectacular selection of its products, as it seems that this year the manufacturer chose not to disappoint. Those of you who liked theLevel 10 The mythological The company's giants will certainly be happy to know that the company has introduced the "GT (Red and green khaki), in addition to the "'Limited Edition' His also presented, which comes in a matte white color that certainly compliments him.

It also seems that the designers liked the "military" green color in "Thermaltake, As she presented her new green case with a compatible motherboard (reminiscent of the motherboards)G1.Killer Gigabytes), green lighting and a variety of products such as headphones for gamers, mechanical keyboard, mouse and body Of the models Big Typ Revo and-Frio OCK.

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As for the company's gaming products, it also introduced the mouse-Level 10M Which can be customized, which we've heard a few months ago. Besides, she expanded Thermaltake The series of gaming products when it was possible to see at its stand a wide range of Which are classified under the "MEKA - When the manufacturer allows users to personalize the color of theCherry Of the keyboard (red, black, brown or blue).
domain This year, the water took up quite a respectable place at the stand of the Taiwanese manufacturer,Water 2.0: It's about 3 kits Water is "closed", with the heat sink and pump in the three assessments identical. The systems differ in the type of radiator - and although they all come with 2 120 fans,Performer Offers a fairly simple radiator,Pro Offers a more serious dual thickness radiatorExtreme The most advanced and expensive offers a dual radiator with two lateral fans side by side.
In addition, it was evident from the company's new power supplies,'Evo Blue 2.0' Rated 80 Plus Gold Which comes in between 650 and 850 watts, which ironically is rather green. In addition,Toughpower Grand Platinum Which includes vendors 600, 700 and 850 watts. This is not the most powerful series of suppliers Thermaltake, But it should be noted that it offers impressive designs combined with high efficiencies and is the latest supplier series that the company has to offer.
In addition, you are welcome to see the two company's remodeling kits that have been redesigned by users around the world and presented at the company's booth at Computex this year - definitely eye-pleasing.

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