The extended-screen trend continues to gain momentum in the smartphone market HWzone

The trend of extended screens continues to gain momentum in the smartphone market

after , , And both - Rectangular screens with reduced margins seem to become the new hot trend for all manufacturers

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After Samsung became the pioneer of the trend (with a wink to Sharp, which was there before everyone but could not affect the market in a tangible way) and Adopt it - We suddenly receive a wave of reports proving that 'Boundless' screens are a gimmick that stays here to stay, making our smartphones more effective for consuming various media content.

We already know that Chinese Huawei, which is directly fighting with Apple for second place on the top manufacturers list, plans to offer a "full-screen", ultra-high-profile and minimally-marginal, in its future Mate 10 - and now we find that the budget G10 model Her (relatively) new one will join this celebration - with an elongated screen reminiscent of what can be found on G6 and an array of four cameras, two from the front and two from behind.

The Mate 10 that is on the road in an official image, apparently - is such a frame thin enough to be part of the latest trend?

The display of the G10 can not be called 'frameless' X or Mi Mix 2, but this is definitely a positive visual and technological improvement in relation to the standards we have become accustomed to in the middle market, so you will not hear us complaining.

God- G10 on the way, with gimmicks both in the means of display and in the field of photography

Even the emerging Chinese Vivo X20, which may be officially unveiled in two days, should offer a generous screen that takes up a large part of the whole smart unit, and do so with interesting specs that will include The economical octagonal Snapdragon 660, 6 gigabytes of dynamic memory, Advanced built-in audio, dual back camera array, 3,500mAh battery and more.

God- X20 includes a minimal frame screen and is absolutely impressive

For dessert, it seems that Nokia will also adopt the new and sophisticated panels to its bosom before the end of 2017, with recent updated images ostensibly confirming earlier reports that the Nokia 9 will offer an enlarged screen with a minimum frame, 835 and many more features available from the market.

The European brand (controlled by China) is also expected to join the celebration in the coming months

These models, along with a few more are even cheaper than home Less popular, such as Doogee and UMI, are quickly setting the elongated screens as a coveted feature that will accompany us from now until we get the next significant leap in the display - perhaps with flexible screens, at last?

there's more With an elongated screen that should land soon - and it's very hard to deny the fact that this is a new default alliance that is being created quickly


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