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The war of the Israeli chain in Bank Leumi's new venture

Pepper, call it or do not call it a bank, it does not really matter - there seem to be some consumers who are not really enthusiastic about this aggressive advertising campaign

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If you have also spent the past two weeks in the Holy Land, you probably have not been able to escape Pepper's advertising - the new banking venture for the younger generation of Bank Leumi, which was launched in parallel with an exceptional marketing campaign that included huge ads on almost every major road, television commercials and a variety of "guest appearances" Network.

The concept is quite simple and is not new - basic digital banking services that are all managed from the smartphone application, without the need to access physical branches and in a "thin" structure that ostensibly offers more profitable economic offers to those who decide to open an account. Although this is part of Bank Leumi, and the company logo appears in most of the publications, it certainly felt that there was an attempt to market a completely new product and institution, unrelated to the old ones we sell.

One of many commercials that accompanied the launch of the digital bank Pepper

Some people may have raised an eyebrow at the endless commercials that tried to convince us that it was not a regular bank, but the real turnaround came last weekend when Attorney Barak Cohen published on his Facebook page Post Which attacks Bank Leumi and Pepper, claiming that this is a new product marketed specifically to a very young target audience without any knowledge in the banking and economic field, in a manner that is dishonest and unethical.

The post that started all the fuss - or at least turned it into a real public battle for public opinion in the country

The advertiser did not limit himself to these words, and even suggested that users download the Pepper app to Android or iOS en masse only to rate it negatively and make it more difficult to appear in prominent places on the web and in other users' searches, which probably worked better than expected. Bring your app score to a general score of less than 2 from 5 on the Play Store In no time.

Bank Leumi contacted representatives of the Bank In Israel and succeeded in deleting many of the negative ratings, but it seems that this struggle of users of Pepper continues now, when the application score is 3.4 from 5 and the page of the - And the official Facebook page of the project is filled with quite a few negative ratings and cynical reactions.

The status of the Pepper app has stabilized somewhat after the people of But it is reasonable to assume that this battle is not over yet, and the latest responses illustrate it well

Will Pepper succeed in surviving the attack and in a short time become a legitimate product and market in the market, like the bit application of rival Bank Hapoalim, or will this snowball continue to roll over time and ensure that the name and branding of the venture will always be accompanied by a negative context that will "scare away" young customers? Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject with comments.


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  1. Disgust of behavior. People have worked hard on an app and the only way to measure their success is in ratings. Don't like National Bank? Do not use their products. Every bank makes haircuts for tycoons and engages us citizens, and every haircut has to be certified at all levels, even with the regulator. There is no reason or unfair for developers - take care of this app. By the way, low-rated users go through Apple and Google's Terms of Use and run the risk of blocking their accounts.

    1. How do they go through terms of use? Once they have downloaded the app, they have the full right to express their views on it, as much as you do not like.
      Secondly the developers received the salaries for the development, beyond that except for maintenance it does not concern them.
      It's kind of like Volvo would build buses for bind and where the autosobes would be disgusting with sticky gum and filth and everyone would blame Volvo for having bus shit and not Egged for using them ... Doesn't make sense right? So don't mix

      1. Terms of Use use the term "fair use", not just download, rating and installation. And if you notice whoever wrote a review did not write about the app but mainly complaints about the bank. So tomorrow I will take the app from the Bank of Workers who have had problems with me in the past, raise friends and we will all lower their rating, not because we used the app but because they were not nice to me. Excellent solution. What is the wonder of Google downloading these reviews? This is what is called fake news

        1. Everyone uses the power and tools they have to leverage themselves to the highest point. It's just like the bank decides to make him a haircut and get him a debt and you take the house and kidney before they leave it is not "Pierre" so that's how it also uses the mass power to improve their position in the bank.
          This app only gives you the money management envelope in the same place where your funds are managed at Bank Leumi, so the review of the app is considered to be critical of the bank because it is the same, so any criticism of the bank through the legitimate app.
          And it's cute that you believe Google has gone down reviews because they were no more fair than intrinsic motives for cooperating with a financial body like a bank ...

    2. What nonsense .. The app was created for and funded by the bank. There is no "harm to the poor developers" here. There is action here against a cynical and exploitative bank.

    1. Barak Cohen and his company started the campaign.
      And these people in a big way, for some reason, think that every shekel the bank loses comes to their pocket.

    2. Even worse, they take pride in the fact that they hurt the bank's stock, the same stock that their pension funds buy.
      This is the guy coming to the bankers.
      He specifically has a public interest here.
      His girlfriend is just idiots who don't understand her life.

    3. The campaign itself is annoying and dripping fascist feminism. Blik connected with the business side and everything around.

    4. The bank - makes a haircut for tycoons on your pension. The bank will send you out on a small debt. The bank is hiding from the fact that it is launching an app - the angry mob exposes it to it. And you are the son of Jesus and David Gold - you are the dormant mob…. Shhhhh you go to sleep girlfriend ...

    5. Tomer Harel On your first points there is no argument.
      But why is the bank hiding from the fact that it is launching an app? Can you explain please? Thanks.

      1. Why is there no argument? There is an argument. The first points are wrong.

        A haircut is a good thing, not a bad thing. If I owe you a million and I have none, and all that can be foreclosed on me is worth only half a million, but a third party comes and suggests that if you owe me only a quarter of a million, he will pay the amount to two-thirds, which would you prefer? Get half a million or two-thirds a million? True, it's better to get the whole million back, but that's a possibility that doesn't exist.

        Banks, as public companies, are committed to their shareholders. If they can collect a greater amount from debtors and avoid it, shareholders - and you are part of them - can sue them. They are going into debt settlements not because they deserve to do good for tycoon but that this is the best option left. Consider using the Dankner case: The bank agreed to a debt settlement and regretted it following public pressure. The result? The bank * lost * a few hundred millions that it could have had if the haircut had run out. You fucked yourself up with the pressure on the bank! Well done.

        But this is true not only for tycoons but for everyone. In fact, when you are not a tycoon, the state * forces * debt settlements on the banks. The Bank has applied to the JRP? You can apply yourself to the JDC, to prove that you cannot repay the debt and the monthly repayment will be determined according to your ability, regardless of the debt level. You can owe a million and the IDF will set you back only NIS X a month - well below interest rates - and the bank will be unable to do anything.

        At the expense of the pension? No way. Why do you have a pension fund? She sends you quarterly reports. Look at them: Your pension fund is not bad for you at all, despite all the haircuts. So you can say it was haircuts, your pension would earn even more, but it's not true: When you borrow money, you promise to pay back Why interest? Because in the loan there is a risk that you will not see the money (in whole or in part) back, the interest is a compensation for the risk of slipping. If you did not offer you interest, who would be separate from his money? But that means you cannot To complain when the risk is realized and some of the money does not come back - if there was any way to ensure that the loan was always repaid - say whoever does not repay will be sold into slavery for life "The situation was no better. First, it can screw you up too, you can't guarantee that something unexpected won't happen and you won't be able to repay a loan you took. If it did, Barak Cohen, for example, would have worked today. Second, if there was no risk In the case of a loan, the interest rate for it will be much lower, because the interest rate is the compensation for the risk. The interest rate is the result of your investments yielding profits, and the losses resulting from debt arrangements, even if measured in billions, are much smaller than the profits on those investments. The assets of the pension funds are close to NIS trillion and together with provident funds, training funds and other investments, the public has more than one trillion and NIS fleet in the capital market.

        Sorry for the excavation, but facts are important.

    6. David Gold precisely because his notebooks are falling sharply so he is in a panic because citizens do not eat his lukesh (but the competitors) and reputation as being fucked they are trying to break out from another direction ..

  2. Call it or don't call it but if you are in a bank that charges you monthly fees you are a sucker. Even if you do not use this app, you should move to a bank that does not charge money every month. Are you funding the bank or what? It comes out as some 150-120 per year, plus outgoing credit card fees that you just throw in some 300 and maybe more (you can choose a card without a card fee).

  3. You'll find out about Barak Cohen. You will find him a strange and uncertain person to trust his opinion.

    1. To say the least. Buy a new luxurious driver's car (his definition) at the bank's expense - and did not return the money. When the bank wanted to foreclose the car, he tried to hide it. At the same time he accumulated large debts in the city and when the IDF foreclosed property in the apartment where he had lived with his partner for eight years, he claimed that nothing in the apartment belonged to him. He lived there for eight years and did not donate one dime to the common property? And if that is not enough, there are about ten other PF cases against him. He lives at the expense of others.

  4. Personally, this campaign annoys me in one respect, the campaign is actually aimed at the parent company, National Bank. They do not judge by what Pepper offers but only that they will be beaten to a national bank. This is a problematic relationship, but assuming that there is very heavy regulation on the banking market, it is not surprising that whoever lifts the glove and establishes such a bank is an existing bank because there is a demand for such a service. And even added this is a pretty good service, very convenient and easy to contact the bankers in case of even the oddest hours and only it makes it convenient. The Reflection offers a very simple and intuitive interface, yes there are bugs here and there still, nevertheless they just launched. I really love their service. It's too bad for me that this guy chose to attack them for a net ideological reason without judging the product itself. The main problem with his campaign is that he says the target audience of this bank is youth. The problem is that they can't open an account without having an existing bank account. That is why it automatically disqualifies the youth or at least it seems to be aimed more towards the 20 + members or those who mainly use the direct channels and do not need a physical branch.

    I really think it's a good service, their advertisement was retarded in my opinion but still it's just an advertisement and not a cause for protest. If we want to improve the situation in Israel and especially the banking situation in Israel, we need to work to lower the regulations so that new banks can enter the market and compete for consumers' hearts.

    1. I certainly agree that there is not enough competition in the country in the field of banks. It may not be surprising that everyone is pretty much in tune with each other in interest rates and fees, but removing regulation and introducing new players is not necessarily the solution. Regulation has come to resolve a situation where I put the money as a deposit in some bank or stock trader through some bank and tomorrow the bank closed and the money went. There are conditions for a license, there is a capital adequacy ratio, do not want a situation where the tycoon owned by the bank will collapse with our money (and you know that once there is permission for more banks who stand behind them is one of the local tycoons and not Yossi Cohen from Raanana).
      The solution is to require the banks to allow easy passage between bank and bank. Pepper lets people open an account in 10 minutes (according to them), so the blockchain of opening an account has already been addressed at one bank and I estimate that everyone will close gaps. Now only the issue of closing an account and passing all current charges remain. When it closes there will be beauty of competition here.

      1. The banks are coordinated because there is supervision… The Bank of Israel's Banking Supervision requires them to provide a basket of commissions at a uniform maximum price. They are allowed to take less, and small banks do it (and big banks for especially profitable customers), but the bigger ones usually take the maximum, so they think it will be the same amount. And the interest rate? It is set on the basis of the Bank of Israel's prime rate, so here too Banks do not have too much room for maneuver.

        Banks can be easily switched on today. But people don't, prefer to worry about fees instead of going to a bank where the fees are lower…

        1. Certainly you deserve the continuation of your nickname, a lot of noise you make, but I did not talk about fees as a regulation for opening a bank but about a minimum capital that would guarantee the survival and return of my money to me.
          Also, I do not know when last time you switched easily between banks but there is no one today who will pass the direct debit and ticket instructions in your place, mortgage, investment.
          So if all you have in your account is the money from the bar mitzvah - you can go through banks tomorrow, but if you're an adult with a salary, investment, savings, mortgage and credit cards - it's not easy and it takes time not to mention the checks of the account that you still circulate outside .
          And only to update when I opened an account a year and a half ago at another bank for financial reasons, it took me half a day and my right wrist after endless signatures - so switch between banks easily? Definately not.

        2. Or, what an original insult! genius. But with your lice, consider that you live in a glass house. I could, for example, call you "Morlock." Or jump to Dr. Morrow's Island, where there are quite a few candidates. But I'm nice, so I'm not ;-).

          Look, if you don't understand, ask. It will save you embarrassing messages like the above. You claimed that banks are correlated with interest rates and fees, I explained that they are not correlated because there is a cartel but that there is regulation. It is you who have decided, for some unclear reason, that when I write that the supervisor is responsible for the fees and interest rates Do you think I'm talking about commissions as a regulation?

          I could go on to explain to you why most of what you write is wrong, but I don't deserve to put in the effort for you, probably not at three in the morning.

  5. Quote of Sargon

    The campaign itself is annoying and dripping fascist feminism. Blik connected with the business side and everything around.

    Yes, there's a bit of SJW Wave here and it really sucks but what matters is that the service itself works relatively well, the very possibility of calling at 1: 00 at night and solve problems is really cool.

    Quote of guest Noam Sher

    Call it or don't call it but if you are in a bank that charges you monthly fees you are a sucker. Even if you do not use this app, you should move to a bank that does not charge money every month. Are you funding the bank or what? It comes out as some 150-120 per year, plus outgoing credit card fees that you just throw in some 300 and maybe more (you can choose a card without a card fee).

    The digital branches are a great option, because there is not much to do at the branch for most people unless it's some sort of false confirmation that all kinds of organizations want them to be issued like National Insurance.

    Quote of Guest Itay Tabak

    YouTube has grounded the mind on it but I have no idea what it is that just did not say about what the advertisement was

    Are you talking about their advertisement? Or are you talking about utobers talking about it? If so, I will be happy if you publish.

  6. It's worth mentioning the PAYBOX that preceded everyone, and unfortunately couldn't get enough recognition. Small businesses had to go.
    This is definitely the future of our money, as there is no Apple Pi, Google Pi or anything like that, including the Paint Tech industry (which is aimed at America).

    There is no such thing as a negative campaign - any campaign that brings the product to consciousness is good. Who knows if this 'negative' campaign is real at all ...

    And if you already have a third competitor, Bank Hapoalim ...

    1. The truth is that a lot of people I know (and I, too) use paybox that was, by the way, purchased by Discount Bank, and I don't know almost anyone who uses Workers' BIT or National Bank Pepper.
      So I'm not sure if he didn't succeed ...

  7. The most annoying advertisement I've ever heard "Hope you paid" Hope you milled my brain! Even if all the banks explode I won't use this shit.

  8. Well, beyond the erroneous advertising on television, under the app is registered National Bank, who does not want or does not belong to them - very simple

  9. Disgust of behavior on the part of that lightning.
    Just an offender led by a law that calls for a company to lower value and investment only because it does not look good to him.
    I wonder if it's criminal

  10. Quote of RoiTr

    The truth is that a lot of people I know (and I too) use paybox that was, by the way, purchased by Discount Bank, and I don't know almost anyone who uses Workers' BIT or National Bank Peppper's. So I'm not sure if they didn't succeed ...

    It is unfortunate to hear. I thought we would see a real alternative to credit and clearing cards, but probably not yet. The situation in which each AP is held by another bank will ensure minimal service - within their existing non-competition.

    There was talk at the time of a cooperative bank - apparently not moving. Also the interest rate reduction venture through incorporation. In short, until a window does something (and what a chance), there will be no change in fees.

  11. What can I do with this application that can not be done with Leumi's website?

    And where exactly are they saving here?

    It seems to me that the savings are possible only in small sums and for people who do not spend a lot of money, otherwise Leumi's customers would switch to this application.

    The goal is probably to attract young people who have just started to work.

  12. Do you think the bank decided to issue many dictionaries for the public good?
    One of the most serious things is that Rusk Aminach said there is a user tracking "to match the best product" and people do not understand what it means.

    They do not charge any fees for the app, they charge a much more expensive price - your freedom to do what you want without being followed.
    There's a cost to you that you can have a video call with a banker at 1 at night, that you don't pay fees ...

    Once upon a time there was a dictator who concentrated all his power and information. Today it is more sophisticated.
    And those who say, "Well then, the guy knew I went to one site or another," keep your head in the sand,
    And sell your freedom for convenience.

    And for those innocent people who protect the bank "Total good app" will continue to sleep - it is pleasant.

    And I don't come to the bank at all - the bank is a hungry wolf that where they will be given it will devour as much as possible without considering how nice its prey is, I come to the authorities who do not restrain this wolf because they are comfortable in that way too.

  13. Hey, I see that this is an old discussion but I wanted to update a few things about the subject (the beginning, what you dragged away later)

    I have been in Pepper for more than half a year, which is really only a national bank. There are benefits to this without fees. at all. At least as long as you are in the Plos and not beyond.

    For me it's excellent.

    There is also an advantage that I liked when I paid a credit message on the phone. It is very convenient and so twice I have identified overcharging. Usually it would have been tempting me to go through the end of the month for details and there it is sometimes a story. It's instantaneous.

    Transfers from account to account are handled with ease and convenience.

    As for the checks, although I did not use them, I have no opinion.

  14. Quote of Istra Belgina

    … And interest? It is determined on the basis of a bank's prime interest rate ישראל, So that too, the banks do not have too much maneuvering space.

    nonsense. The prime interest rate is indeed determined by the Bank of Israel, but the addition to this interest rate is only determined by the banks.

    When you give a prime interest rate less 1.59% (i.e. 0.01% interest) on a deposit,

    And prime plus 8% interest on a loan is just because there is no real competition between the banks.

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