The war of the Israeli chain in Bank Leumi's new venture

Pepper, call it or do not call it a bank, it does not really matter - there seem to be some consumers who are not really enthusiastic about this aggressive advertising campaign

If you have also spent the past two weeks in the Holy Land, you probably have not been able to escape Pepper's advertising - the new banking venture for the younger generation of Bank Leumi, which was launched in parallel with an exceptional marketing campaign that included huge ads on almost every major road, television commercials and a variety of "guest appearances" Network.

The concept is quite simple and is not new - basic digital banking services that are all managed from the smartphone application, without the need to access physical branches and in a "thin" structure that ostensibly offers more profitable economic offers to those who decide to open an account. Although this is part of Bank Leumi, and the company logo appears in most of the publications, it certainly felt that there was an attempt to market a completely new product and institution, unrelated to the old ones we sell.

One of many commercials that accompanied the launch of the digital bank Pepper

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Some people may have raised an eyebrow at the endless commercials that tried to convince us that it was not a regular bank, but the real turnaround came last weekend when Attorney Barak Cohen published on his Facebook page Post Which attacks Bank Leumi and Pepper, claiming that this is a new product marketed specifically to a very young target audience without any knowledge in the banking and economic field, in a manner that is dishonest and unethical.

The post that started all the fuss - or at least turned it into a real public battle for public opinion in the country

The advertiser did not limit himself to these words, and even suggested that users download the Pepper app to Android or iOS en masse only to rate it negatively and make it more difficult to appear in prominent places on the web and in other users' searches, which probably worked better than expected. Bring your app score to a general score of less than 2 from 5 on the Play Store In no time.

Bank Leumi contacted representatives of the Bank In Israel and succeeded in deleting many of the negative ratings, but it seems that this struggle of users of Pepper continues now, when the application score is 3.4 from 5 and the page of the - And the official Facebook page of the project is filled with quite a few negative ratings and cynical reactions.

The status of the Pepper app has stabilized somewhat after the people of But it is reasonable to assume that this battle is not over yet, and the latest responses illustrate it well

Will Pepper succeed in surviving the attack and in a short time become a legitimate product and market in the market, like the bit application of rival Bank Hapoalim, or will this snowball continue to roll over time and ensure that the name and branding of the venture will always be accompanied by a negative context that will "scare away" young customers? Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject with comments.