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The wheel of the computerized lenses: Nokia is making us a smartphone with innovative photography capabilities?

A new rumor, backed by relevant patent records, 10 will be the company's first mobile photography revolution in its new incarnation

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In its glamorous Symbian era, and even in its darkest era, Phone, It was known as a synonym for innovation and quality in photography - which is something we have not yet seen from the brand under its new owner HMD Global, unfortunately.

Although the company was back in partnership with the famous Zeiss company and tried to create a new trend of Bothie photos with the rear and front camera together, it was not enough to mention the company's PureView cameras from the past, doing what no other company dreamed of. Will 2018 come to the big turn in this matter? The chances of this may have increased significantly now.

Why settle for two cameras when you can get five (or six) of them?

A recent report from social networks in China indicates that the company's flagship product for the second half of the year 2018, which may be named After launching the 10, 9 as the first flagship of the new year in the coming months), will feature a unique set of five different types of lenses for its secondary rear viewing unit, providing different focus and approximation levels depending on the scene and object being photographed at a given moment.

Illustration of the 10 (left) next to the 9, with the lens wheel partially hidden

We've already come across external extensions for smartphones that fitted the existing camera unit and offered a rotating array of multiple lenses for seemingly more advanced photo capabilities - but this is the first time this capability will be built into the smartphone, with what looks like an inner wheel that will mechanically rotate and fit the lens Top sensor out of two, automatically or according to the user's settings.

This is what it might look like in practice - the right way to go To the center of things?

It certainly sounds like a unique and interesting solution that will allow Nokia to get new credits in the field that is one of the most important in the contemporary market - but like a number of refreshing ideas in the past that have appeared a few times and then disappeared from the surface permanently (a rotating camera that can also be photographed Salafi and also For example), here too we will need to see some real contribution to the quality of photography before we can announce the great Finnish comeback.

Think it's an unnecessary gimmick, or does this concept have huge potential? Share comments.

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