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The winning selection: Galaxy Note 10 may be available in four different versions

After the success of the Galaxy S10 triple family, it seems that Ready to take the idea one step further in the second half of the year

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Too many similar and confusing products can discourage consumers, but sometimes we get clear evidence that it just works - and the successful launch of The Galaxy S10 family Is probably a good example of this, which may further increase your appetite In the near term.

Korean news site ETNews announces that the giant company plans to launch four models Note New 10 for the month of August - two of them with massive 6.75 inch screens to serve as the successor to the " Note 9, the one that was launched in August 2018, and two more with 6.28-inch screens that will try to recover the huge demand for the X- S10e.

Four different devices expect consumers - although only two of them seem relevant to fifth-generation markets, such as our local ones

The two versions for each of the display panel towers will be separated by the support of the fifth generation networks or the lack thereof, with the addition of a square array of the enlarged model and a triangular photo array model Mosel is likely to be able to see volumes of memory and battery capacity between the versions - the difference is that this time all four versions are expected to win (In markets where there will already be five cellular networks active), in contrast to the 3G generation, The current S- The unit was launched a little late in comparison to her sisters.

The square array will be similar to the 5G for the S10? In a few months we will know the answer

It is still too early to try and estimate what the prices of future models will be, especially when we do not know the amount of memories offered in each product - but we must admit that the idea of ​​a model Note An advanced touch pen that can not be found in almost any other place offered at a base similar to that of the S10e is particularly interesting. Think the same thing? Let's talk about it.


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  1. The square photo array will be like in A70 or 80 I do not remember which device it would have Slider coming out of the device and can turn around according to all reports

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