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There's a date: Motorola's folding smartphone is coming this month

Original article: After a slight rejection due to greater demand - now North American consumers can opt for $ 1,500 for the compact smart device that brings the Razr brand back to the center stage

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the mother Can an intermediate specification justify a $ 1,500 payment thanks to a unique design and innovative display panel? This is a question that will very soon be answered with the official launch of the Motorla Razr in the 2020 version.

The flexible and folding OLED smartphone from home Officially presented in November 2019, with a plan to bring it to stores as early as January 6, 2020 - but shortly after the unveiling we received a surprising announcement that a very large demand would require a slight rejection of the launch, so that everyone would be able to get a piece if they so desired.

Motorola had trouble selling At a third of the price of the Razr in recent years - but it is possible to go all out and big, against the odds, is the right choice in such a situation

A marketing gimmick or not, that rejection has taken place - and now we're getting to where consumers in the United States can make an early purchase of the folding Razr, and have it delivered to their homes starting Feb. 6, then will also be available at Walmart's network and mobile operator Verizon in addition to the store Online herself.

Available in one shade and in one configuration One - you just need to decide whether you are interested in it and willing to pay for it or not

In Europe, too, there will be countries where an early purchase of this luxury smartphone could soon be made - but prices are even more threatening with evidence of € 1,650 and even € 1,700 (including tax, worth noting - as opposed to the US price). It is not yet known whether there are plans to officially launch the Motorola Razr in Israel as well, but given that the The folding and even more expensive fold is sold here at nine And various stores (according to Zap's data) seem to have a bad chance - at the very least for a local initiative of informal parallel imports.

It will be very interesting to find out what will happen to prices when the Fold Z Folding - which is expected to offer a very similar structure at an initial starting price of $ 1,500

How much would you like to invest in this elegant folding piece, if any? Let's talk about it in the comments.

updating: The demand for a smartphone continues to rise as those who decide to place their order now Through Motorola's online store itself Or the Verizon operator will have to wait until February 25 to receive it. It is hard to say whether this is unequivocal proof that this is a great economic success, but it is an approach that looks absolutely good.

Even before it can be obtained in stores - it publishes an official video that tries to explain how Razr is used without harming it, probably as a lesson in the lessons learned from the launch of and- Last year who encountered a decent amount of problems and negative reports

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