Is this the proof we were looking for? The iPhone 8 models will offer HWzone wireless charging technology
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Is this the proof we were looking for? The iPhone 8 models will offer wireless charging technology

Apple officially joins the central organization that develops and unifies the ability to load without strings, and confirms the rumors that accompanied us

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Fully glass body, scratch-resistant sapphire cladding, almost edge-less screen, built-in scanner for the retina, a special 'Celebration Decade' version with a four-digit price tag and more - the amount and scope of rumors about the next generation of smart devices Is probably a kind of new (negative?), So now it looks like we're finally getting some sort of confirmation for one new prominent feature that the giant Copretino will add to its arsenal in 2017. .

Confirmation in silence

Wireless charging sounds like a nice little addition to improving the consumer's options and ease of use, but it seems that only a small number of smart device manufacturers choose to integrate it into their work, probably because the trend has not yet accumulated the critical mass that will make it a mandatory feature in any leading product .

Over the past few weeks, we have been seeing an increase in reports about the move that will no doubt make wireless charging a default in smartphones, Its 8 - and that option is becoming much more tangible now that Apple is joining companies like , , Sony, Qualcomm and, Becoming a public and official company in the Wireless Power Consortium, whose role is to develop and promote the most popular and popular wireless charging standard, Qi.

The union joins it Leads the Qi standard, which is emerging as the central choice for wireless charging based on induction

This is not an official confirmation that Apple will actually start using Qi and charging wirelessly on its smartphones, but it is a pretty thick hint that it is in good coordination with the growing rumors about it, and also fits well with Apple's use of custom Qi technology for loading The Watch her sages.

There have been reports that Apple is exploring innovative wireless charging technologies from greater distances - but for now consumers seem to have to settle for touch-up charging without the need for that cable that always gets tangled or gone

The Best of the Endless Rumor Walk

From the plethora of prophecies that can be found on the Internet, a few more data that we hear is more reasonable than the rest for the future generation of the " Include capabilities To be based on the dual photography set that will be part of one or all of the new models, after CEO Tim Cook has already stated several times about the huge potential he envisions for the technology, one that could be "as big and significant as the iPhone" for his company.

Also the realm of rugged reality, which began to take the first steps in the mobile market with Project Tango's , Will be able to get a very big push forward if you see the Operates its efforts and capabilities in it

Another thing that will probably become reality after many years of rumors is the use of OLED panels As part of a reliable report That Apple has signed a $ 2 billion (second) agreement to supply the requested components with the competitor , Plus reports of similar agreements with Foxconn-Sharp - although it is unlikely that it will be a "bonus" that the company will keep for the next upgrade in line, and not the one that is due this year.

The use of enhanced capacity batteries may also be part of the 8, to our delight, and once again upgrading the company's performance in the face of the significant improvements we also receive from key competitors - and all that remains is to hold that Apple will not neglect charging times, which are currently lagging significantly behind most flagship devices (and intermediate market devices). ).

Enlarged batteries are always an important bonus - even in products that already offer life Affordable

For dessert, reports of further growth in the price tags demanded by the company sound, unfortunately, logical. One of the data according to them is measured (And any other public company) among its investors is the average price tag on which its products are sold, and this figure rose to a new and impressive peak in its current financial reporting and was one of the main contributors to its huge profits.

Perhaps a retinal scan also appears? There seems to be no new technology in the market that has not somehow been linked to the G- 8

Incorporating a wireless charging component into the new models, especially incorporating significantly lower OLED screens from "standard" IPS-LCDs, will raise the price of total components (BOM) in the new devices, and will require the company to raise consumer recommended prices to continue increasing sales data And its earnings in the future as well, and keep key investors satisfied and the high stock price. Add to all of these considerations the fact that all the data also indicates a price increase in the new generation of , And perhaps with other manufacturers, and you have received a very suitable environment to bring us to a situation where at least some of the smartphones of Will be offered at a cost of over $ 1,000.

It won't be cheap - that's for sure

Is the- Can 8 be another great success story, like the pair of predecessors? After the impressive rebound we have seen in recent months, we find it difficult to imagine a situation in which this will not happen. And you?


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