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This is what happens when you take the green life trend one step too far

Protect the environment and want to make sure the whole world knows about it? Shibaful's hallucinatory products may be a dream come true for you

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The Accessorize Market is packed with competition and is forcing young companies looking forward to picking unexpected gimmicks to try and grab consumers' attention, if only for a moment - that's exactly what we saw at the CES 2017 show at a small company named Shibaful, who decided to translate her great affection for products Synthetic grass for a bizarre line of gadgets and lifestyle products.


True, you're not confused - these are covers for smart devices that promise to protect them not only with flexible silicone or hard plastic, but also with a soft synthetic grass layer, available in a variety of shades and shapes and for a variety of devices,

If you are worried that a lawn phone will become an easy target for destruction at the first moment of laying down the display on real grass - you can also opt for a cover with synthetic pink grass material.


Continue to insist that you don't like pink? You can also opt for a synthetic grass cover with paintings and shapes that are "pruned" - including Troll Moomin, the one and only.


For sports enthusiasts, there is the option to choose a cover with a drawing of their favorite lawn. We assume you already understand what we are trying to prove to you - a very, very loving, Shibaful company.


The obsession with green did not end with the smartphone cut and even became even stranger, with synthetic grass cover for a diary or notebook, a host of office organizations also created from grass sheets - and even top cover for computers From the grass.

20170108_135335 So if you happen to share the boundless love for grass and its products as illustrated in the pictures and paragraphs above - you are welcome to lock in your flip flops and go looking for this unusual company products across the web.20170108_135344


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  1. I don't think there is an oxymoron bigger than an "organic" cover on a product like iPhone or Amim. Eyes Wide Shut

    1. There was real grass, or some organic matter, but it was a plastic synthetic grass and no less polluting!

  2. Pure greenwash. If they want their smartphone to be eco-friendly, they will build it from aluminum: a common, low-weight metal that is recyclable and less polluting than synthetic recycling. Synthetic grass is one of the most un-green and wasteful inventions of energy resources that have emerged, after LED lighting.

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