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Software update won't help here: The Pixel 4 XL easily breaks down

The test on the famous YouTube channel reveals an exterior design with a pair of clear and prominent failure points for the flagship from home - and adds more fuel to his flaming bonfire

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Now it can be declared without shame that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL did not live up to their high expectations, despite the significant improvements in photography capabilities, because they included a very large amount of compromises relative to all Others in the market at the same price levels - too big to be ignored and focus only on the relative advantages.

In recent weeks we have seen quite a few complaints about the models being sold for 800 dollars and up in North America: the advanced front motion sensor that does not work properly and does not recognize the gestures made directly in front of it, unexplained changes in the color characteristics of the screen after turning off and on, and the lack of ability to enjoy the pace Display panel enlarged refresh in brightness setting is too low (probably to avoid life Especially disappointing in situations where the user "signals" that he wants to save power).

The problems of the devices Do not add up to the uncanny ability to allow the device to open even when it recognizes the user's face with closed eyes and no movement

Some of these problems received (or at least received) various software updates later, something Google has certainly done successfully on its previous devices - but now popular YouTube jerryRigEverything is turning its attention to another 'bug' in the fresh models, which is not going to go away A place for our sorrow and probably also for my sorrow .

The smartphone abuser discovered during his long-standing and well-known test that the antenna bars on 4 XL, minimal plastic slots in the metal casing designed to allow the device's wireless communication signals to go outside without suffering from massive suppositions in their way, create distinct weak spots - which create ugly shards and startle something in the product body when applied to the inside of the screen.

Expanded the range of brightness levels where the 4 and 4 XL offers an increased refresh rate of 90 Hz under the Smooth Display setting in the update it released - but it seems that the negative responses to the original decision will no longer be completely erased

It's worth noting that despite the fragments created at four different points in the smartphone's casing, it remains remarkably (though noticeably distorted) - but there is no argument that in an era where even one-quarter or quarter of the basic cost of the Pixel 4 survives the folding test of the channel -YouTube popular with no problems or flaws, the result of It is very jarring.

Next year will be better? We really hope

Let's hope the Next year's 5 will improve on all important metrics - even in the number of photography units they offer us (yes, wide-angle photography is a feature that has become a basic requirement in up-to-date flagship products), both in battery life and in the rigidity and durability that protects all those internal components.


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