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This time without any help from anyone: Huawei is returning to the Israeli market

After the crisis with the local representative Electra and withdrawal to solve the problems - the largest Chinese manufacturer again storming the local audience with its latest models

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Failure to meet the sales targets may have caused a significant legal dispute with Electra at the beginning of the year, but this does not deter the company Which is now returning to the sector with renewed strength and with the intention of working directly with the IDF The large shops without intermediaries, with KSP and Bagh as the opening.

Among the new Huawei models that deserve mention (and forgive us the Y models with the most basic machining chips) you can find the Smart P that will be offered with a long 5.65 inch screen, Kirin 659 octagonal, Built-in NFC and 3,000mAh battery at the price of 1,050 New Sheqels - and the P20 Lite that includes an 5.85-inch screen with a groove, the same Kirin 659, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, And 3,000mAh battery at a challenging price of 1,600.

Huawei enjoyed considerable momentum in Israel until the chaos created in the past year - will she be able to return to herself? Its models have great potential - but also need availability and competitive prices for doing it

The two additional models will be Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro, both with advanced Kirin 970 chips and generous 128GB storage, with the Pro adding a unique triangular back camera with a 40 megapixel unit Central, IP67 protection from water and dust and an 4,000mAh battery that gives it life Impressive. The prices will be NIS 2,700 and NIS 3,400 respectively, each available for purchase in three different shades, including the unusual purple-blue shade that has become the trademark of the P20 Pro.

Launch of the intriguing Mate 20 model in the not too distant future Will be the first big test of As an independent official representative in Israel

All the devices will be offered with a one-year warranty and a service from CPM, which also deals with laptop computers And Toshiba - and this is the point where it is worth stating that all three models of the P20 series are available for purchase in Israel by parallel importers at prices starting several hundred shekels below the recommended price tags, A tough competition is expected that will require quite a bit of creative thinking in order to achieve real success. Good luck!

For now, Trying to wink at consumers with the possibility of returning the smart device within two weeks from the time of purchase and receiving all the money back

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