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The last of this year? Samsung Launches More Galaxy A Smartphones

Meet the A60 and A40s which have been introduced for Chinese market, with Great in the best modern tradition of society

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You have not yet found the perfect Galaxy A, even though there are five of them Which are already sold in Israel And a few more Who are somewhere along the way? A pair of other versions have been announced to bridge even more the relative gaps between the models.

The Galaxy A40s is a kind of twin brother for the intriguing Galaxy M30 that has not reached Israel yet - with Exynos 7904 modest octagon, super screen Of 6.4 in 2,340 resolution × 1,080 pixels, dynamic memory of 6GB volume, volume Built-in 64GB array, a triple rear photo array with a central 13 MPX unit and a pair of secondary 5 megapixel units, a 16 megapixel camera from the drop drop in the center of the screen and a massive 5,000mAh battery with 15 watts for it.

Recognized design and battery in the largest capacity in the series A to date

The A40s will offer a plastic body with a reasonable weight of 174 Grams and an 8.5 millimeter thick profile, 9.0 Pie straight out of the box, connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channels, Connectivity 5.0, 3.5 slot for millimeters , Support for Dolby's Atmos technology and more - when the recommended price in China will be 1,500 RMB, which is about 225 USD in direct conversion. Is there a chance that he will arrive in Israel at a price tag of just over NIS 1,000? We hold our fingers.

Prices in China are particularly winking - we hope they will continue to be winking at the time of the broad international launch, if they do

The Galaxy A60 is an alternative version for The advanced Galaxy A70, With many similar features - but also a more modest display panel for those who want more compact dimensions for the device that accompanies them in the pocket. The A60 offers an IPS screen (quite surprisingly, as a replacement for the Super AMOLED screens on other models at the same level) with an 6.3-inch and 2,340 × 1,080 pixels, Snapdragon 675 up-to-date Qualcomm, 6GB dynamic memory, 128GB internal storage including microSD slot for further expansion, System Pai with OneUI interface and generous 4,500mAh battery with support for the company's latest updated 25 Watts.

God- A60 on the left, A40s (or M30 if you prefer) on the right

The smartphone includes a rear fingerprint scanner, in a place built under the display panel, a 16 megapixel SLF camera in a small "hole" hole on the left side of the screen, a triangular backlit array with a main 32 megapixel unit and a pair of 8 megapixel And 5 megapixel, just like in the A70, headphone and connectivity slot 802.1ac double channel - at the price of 2,000 RMB in the Chinese market, which are approximately 300 USD.

Using a Qualcomm chip will be very beneficial to mobile gaming enthusiasts, Which typically include more basic graphics cores

Battery life should be particularly impressive, and at a price supposedly lower than 1,700 The NIS required for the A70 - would it be 1,500 shekels, if and when the model lands in Israel? We will continue to follow and update.


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