Three cameras, 40 Megapixel: Huawei is preparing big surprises for the new year

New details about P11 devices make it clear that the Chinese manufacturer is not really planning to take the foot off the pedal

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Curious news about Are not stopping to come to us, this time a particularly promising message from the tweeter Owen Blass, whose reputation has been around for some time - suggesting that the next flagship device from the Chinese manufacturer will have a record number of three rear cameras.

Advertising posters for the future Huawei P11 released on the Web within the portfolio a few months before the scheduled launch date confirm that the company will continue its highly successful collaboration with the prestigious German brand Leica, and announce impressive capabilities that include photography With a total 40 resolution of up to 5 hybrid zoom thanks to the "triple lens" system, which means using three different sensors at the rear.

More cameras - better? It sounds like Huawei's latest motto

We have no further technical details about this futuristic system, but we can try to guess, based on Huawei 's double - sensor applications from the past two years, that a three - camera array may include a standard main unit, a monochromatic unit that enables the creation of As well as improved accuracy and detail in the main unit - and a third unit that shoots at a wide angle, enabling an optical zoom effect and a combination with the main unit for super-magnification up to 40 megapixels.

All this may sound like a marketing gimmick more than anything else, but after we have already received enough proof that two cameras can really be superior to one on smartphones, we can not rule out that in a high quality and professional application, three different cameras can support one another and produce high quality results that will justify The investment.

A significant commercial success of the P11 could signal the arrival of a new era, with five or even six sensors Different on top devices

We have no further details about the P11's critical capabilities (and the P11 Plus that will probably accompany it, as in previous generations) and its timing Is planning to unveil it - but the fresh information we have received undoubtedly makes him one of the top places on our list of smartphones. We are waiting impatiently, and we will provide you with more information as soon as he finds his way to the net.