• Touch-out from flexible screens: Samsung makes a smartphone with a display that curls to the rear of the HWzone

Touching from flexible screens: Samsung is making a smartphone with a display that curls to the back

The company's new patent gives us a clue about the next possible development of its flexible display technology

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After we've gotten used to getting the cool screens in the fringes And a number of other manufacturers with whom she agrees to share her creative splendor, you may want to start thinking about the next step in mobile display development - even more rounded screens that extend all over the side of the smartphone's casing and reach up to its back.

A new patent application of the company describes With such an "ultra-convex" screen that can offer not only an entirely new user experience and interface, but also a more comfortable grip on the device, though it is a little difficult for us to see how this is practically possible - especially since in such a situation many protective covers will become much more More limited and much less effective.

Why settle for Edge when you can go all the way to Round?

The company does not bother to detail how control of the device without physical buttons at all on its part, but a breakdown of the production technology required to get the innovative screen indicates that the company is probably very close to the mass production of such units, and who knows - perhaps this is the leading feature of the model X "The Flexible Screen Holder" about which we have been receiving rumors and prophecies for almost a year.

We do not know whether such a curved screen device will have an enhanced benefit - but it will almost certainly be more fragile and sensitive to blows and falls from the devices we sell today

It is difficult for us to decide at this stage whether this is another gimmick that will be used primarily as an opportunity To show off the Super technology And declaring a higher ratio than ever between the screen size and the overall size of the smartphone, or a novelty that will have real tangible benefits in the field - but we certainly respect every attempt to innovate and surprise in the field, of any competitor, as we continue our many years of waiting for folding and flexible devices really.


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