Tough or soft: the embarrassment of the Redmi Note 7

A series of viral videos on behalf of Designed to demonstrate the physical durability of the new mid-model did not impress the most famous smartphone examiner on YouTube

The Redmi Note 7 He is one of the most successful smartphones in the world, without a doubt, but is he also one of the most physically abused - here the answer seems much less obvious, given the surprising failure of the instrument in the JerryRigEverything test.

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The The bald guy with the strong hands probably does not have to be introduced to any gadget enthusiast - it is a person who examines the toughness of the screen cover, the durability of the body and especially the resistance to physical bending of most of the leading smart devices in the market, semi-professional and humorous methodology.

Unlike most modern devices that survive the tough test and continue to operate relatively well after it - The Redmi Note 7 Has been blacklisted when its display panel stopped working completely under the test of flexing in question: half of the screen lost the display and lost touch support, when the Redmi Note 5 tested in the same situation in the past actually survived the abuse.

Budget instruments often waive the use of the most durable and high-quality materials on the market (such as high-quality 6000 or 7000 aluminum or stainless steel) as a compromise designed to make their cost available to the masses, and this is a logical choice - but the Redmi Note 7 It is more surprising and disappointing than usual because its launching was accompanied In a viral campaign in which the company was observed, the company performs various tests to demonstrate its rigidity.

Crunching nuts is a task in which the Redmi Note 7 excels - but it turns out that it does not prove that it is immune to other physical physical tests

The device used as a watermelon splash, as a cutting board, was thrown into a tin from a staircase and even became a base for miniature roller skates, so it was natural to expect it to be as durable as its predecessors in the Redmi Note series - Chose to use a relatively simple plastic shell with a basic metallic reinforcement only at the lower part of the body, which creates clear failure points in any situation where it is exposed to unexpected bending for one reason or another.

It seems that most of the tests she did In its videos, the hardness of the screen was covered, and less so was the stiffness of the entire glass-plastic body

This failure of course is no reason to give up buying the device immediately. It is worth noting that the front screen cladding is of the type The rear glass cover protects the camera, the LED flash and the fingerprint reader, and the quality of the entire construction is quite adequate. Those who are afraid of bending to break the screen can choose a tough protective cover that will ensure that this does not happen - but nevertheless, The following appears to be Invests a bit more in strengthening the internal framework, and a little less in bizarre marketing content.

The Redmi Note 7's back is very handsome - but consumers may want to give up the feature and invest in some rugged rubber cover to prevent potential trouble