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Trouble in Galaxy S8: When the advanced screen turns out to be a bit too advanced

Not long after he received a heap of praise from the professionals and was crowned best in his field, reports began to emerge that certain units of the flagship Suffer from display problems

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Could Samsung have messed up again with its most important and central flagship device? The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus devices are not yet available and sold in most countries of the world, but since the early launch in the company's South Korean domestic market, various reports have been received that the advanced and sophisticated Super AMOLED panel is not always meeting expectations, showing a lack of uniformity between Different models - when it seems that some of the units Suffer from a non-standard reddish display.

While a local Korean representative of Provided a statement that this is not a screen production problem, but rather a different calibration that can be changed and adjusted to the consumer's personal preference within the smartphone display menu, other users stated that in the local reps they purchased the product they were offered to replace the units with the red display - so It is not yet clear what the official position of the giant company will be on this issue, and whether the evidence of the phenomenon over the launch of the device will appear in more and more markets, or whether it is a limited event specific to initial files that reached the first market to enjoy.

A new mess that falls on Already on the first launch of the new device?

It should be noted that even if the phenomenon becomes widespread, it is highly doubtful that it will have a resonance and painful consequences, such as the saga of batteries that ignite in Note 7, but that would certainly not be a pleasant situation for a company that is investing heavily in trying to brand and market itself as a synonym for quality and news in the mobile market, especially as it would be labeled as "another case" of lack of sufficient level control in mass production lines.

A low-quality image that tries to visualize identical display settings that give screens of a fundamentally different color distinctly different

It is likely that we will hear more updates on this issue in the coming days and weeks, but we can only hope that Samsung will not leave consumers under a question mark and make a public announcement about the situation with a proposal for replacement and repair if necessary. On their own for the instrument display, with a clear preference for Option B over Option A, both for the manufacturer and for those who purchased the high-end smartphones.

So is it a bug or is it a feature? Hope to get an unequivocal answer as soon as possible


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  1. Something bad is about Samsung for sure.

    I personally thought they should take off their heads, take out the Galaxy 8 at an atractive price and build their reputation back after the flop of the navigator. Instead we got a flag instrument at the most expensive price we've seen to date, and another half-baked with obvious problems in quality control over their production processes, again.

    It is true that they are one of the largest hardware manufacturers in the world, but it is hard to ignore the sour feeling of contempt for the end customers.

  2. ^ Not the way branding works… taking out a device at a cheap price will only make them go down. They should ignore the past and continue to act as if they are the world's leading company that brings out the best and best device of all. Price is part of the thing.

  3. Something interesting - the smartphone in place of the 4 in the PASSMARK test is an unfamiliar Chinese device -
    Over Samsung (Galaxy 7; 8 not yet tested), Sony and Motorola (and below the Pixel C and HTC 10).

    Sold worldwide under the name LeEco Le Max 2 X829, from 209 dollars… worth checking out. Currently, the best price / performance ratio is his.

  4. This company LeEco has always had interesting phones, at interesting prices.

    I have been following this company for a long time.

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