Will also try its luck as a replacement for computers: • More about Huawei Mate 10 • HWzone

Will also try its luck as a replacement for computers: Learn more about Huawei Mate 10

The Chinese manufacturer is branding its future flagship product as "more than a smartphone," and one of the reasons would be the ability to operate a resin-like shell Which is named Mirabook

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In a little less than two weeks will be revealed Huawei's Mate 10 will be crucial in keeping the manufacturer's chances of continuing to compete with Ranked second in the list of the largest smartphone makers, especially after the latter made its own attack with no less than three new models that enjoy a fine media buzz.

We still do not know what the full and final technical specifications of the Mate 10 models will be, from which we will have three or even four (not surprisingly, considering that the Mate 9 was offered in three different sub-models) Huawei plans to market the device as one that pretends to stand out and be different: it comes from the slogan 'it's not a smartphone' that accompanies the official teaser she distributed, When it comes to its new Face ID technology.

The final appearance of the Mate 10, according to the famous tweeter Owen Blass

We will also have the opportunity to view Huawei's security solution, which promises to be more reliable and secure than the competition, but in the context of a smartphone that is not really a smartphone, at least one of the manufacturer's intentions seems to be providing workstations in a desktop or laptop configuration for the Mate 10, In a manner reminiscent of the DeX position it launched Together with the S8: A company called MirAccess, which offers a laptop-like shell to work with the S8 and Note that 8 and its ability to offer a large-screen work interface announced that it would also support the existing Mate 10 models, thus confirming the very existence of a similarly optimized interface. Quite interesting.

The Mirabook supports any smart device that offers a dedicated desktop interface, like the latest in the And Elite X3's - the mother Will you gain increased success where others have only partially succeeded?

In addition to the desktop capabilities, the Mate 10 in its leading version will offer an 5.9 or 6-inch AMOLED screen with an elongated 2,880 × 1,440 resolution that takes up much of its advance, of course, Kirin 970 is a new octagonal cores that promises to provide innovative learning and intelligence capabilities, 6 gigabyte dynamic storage, 64 GB built-in storage and 128 gigabytes, IP68 water and dust protection, array Dual main camera with 20 main megapixel camera and another 12 megapixel camera (including lens system developed in conjunction with Leica, again), system Both Oreo and 4,000mAh battery are certainly generous.

Promises us smart new technologies - though we still don't really know what it is and whether there's a good reason to get excited

The price will be perfectly compatible with the flagship range - though perhaps slightly lower than the prices Samsung and Apple charge for the Galaxy Note 8 and X, which could work in his favor in the battle for public opinion in the race of the end of 2017. See more juicy updates soon.


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  1. It makes much more sense to turn the device into a laptop than a stationary one
    I'm sure it will have much more demand than Samsung's ridiculous handset. Whose connection is cumbersome and doesn't cost much less than small and small computers with new Pentium.

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