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Ultra-fast memory cards at a great price, now in Amazon

The " של Drops to its lowest level of prices

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Most smartphones today have a slot for expanding their internal storage, to our delight, while there are also compatible microSD cards that are capable of providing Which will make extended memory effective for almost every need and use possible - so it is a pity to give up the opportunity to use this ability, especially as prices continue to plummet and surprise for good.

Amazon USA now offers to purchase the128GB Extreme Sandisk Extreme, With compatibility with A2 App Performance Minimum with random files that allow installing and running applications directly from them and with continuous transfer speeds of up to 160 megabytes per second - at a base price of 26.5 dollars which is the lowest observed to date, or 33.62 dollars including shipping to the country, which is only NIS 125.

If you choose to purchase more products in the same package (without exceeding a total amount of 75 dollars, which causes an additional VAT payment) - the shipping price will be shared and the bargain will become even more lucrative for you

Those who are interested in a more modest volume and price can also choose the model Sandisk Extreme 64GB, Which also carries the lowest cost tag - 23.48 $ including shipping, which is about NIS 90. At the same time, those who are interested in the maximum volume that SanDisk currently offers can choose 400GB Extreme Offered at the price of 160.41 dollars including VAT and shipping, or NIS 590 for value - expensive but definitely high quality for those who need it.

For dessert, those who need maximum volume at a minimum price are welcome to test if Sandisk Ultra model 256GB, With support for A1 App Performance Standard and continuous transfer speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second - at a final price of $ 47.58 including home delivery, about 180 in direct conversion. Know even better deals for expanding smart device storage? Let's share them all in the comments!

The current price in Amazon is almost half the cheapest price available in Israel for the same volume


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    1. At the moment the price on Amazon for the 128GB is different from what is written in the article.
      29 Dollar includes shipping.
      I just bought it

    2. I would start by saying that you are not that smart of a shopper and why you deserve to be stung by the fact that you still dare to recommend to people with an A1 standard card as opposed to a new A2 new standard and a much faster standard.
      I suppose a person who does not read or understand the technical specifications becomes an expert in purchasing recommendations from such and others?

      1. Do you recommend buying from EBAY that the chances of counterfeiting are high versus protected, with a warranty like AMAZON? There is no logic.

      2. Shipping speed from Amazon coming in less than a week compared to more time than EBAY, makes EBAY purchase a complete nonsense.

      3. Don't understand this crowd when it has some product on AMAZON, buy less 3 on EBAY and then wait for weeks, fake items and then you correspond with the seller.

      4. On Amazon in the first complaint or will you win or receive a new one against replacement, send you new and yours? You will send in your free time and you will receive a credit for shipping, most times.

    1. Can you explain the relationship between what is offered in the article and what you recommend to purchase?

      1. The card you recommend is not an A2 standard, do you know what the A2 standard is?
      Here's a link to get a little smarter: https://www.sdcard.org/developers/overview/application/index.html

      2. Your ticket costs 62 dollars, what's the connection here too? The card in the article also 128GB which is excellent and also costs 33 dollars including shipping and everything within your home within a week. This is an A128 standard 2GB card that flattens the backside of the card you recommended here (the card you recommended will be slow on your smartphone to note) versus a standard card that you recommend.

  1. Thanks to your advertising, I ordered a 128 gb card at 33 dollars which is 120 ך or so and it will match some price in the bug selling the 64 gb in 220 ₪ which is much more expensive… .. So you think and buy because it really is a price.

  2. I was actually careful to buy the card since there are a number of complaints that Amazon somehow sell fake. One of the original shows compared to those of Amazon. Others say that speeds do not even come close to being declared. And the card part dies within a short period of several months.

    1. I would be careful about dispensing tips and recommendations and as a reader, I would be even more careful about getting recommendations from people like you.

      1. Amazon is backed with responsibility, the best customer service in the world - for general knowledge.

      2. I have been buying on Amazon for 8 for consecutive years.

      3. Even if, in some way or another, you received some or other product, fake or not, problematic or not and there are cases, it happens ... less good packaging or all kinds of Amazon nonsense so you contact customer service and there they or they will win you, or You will get a replacement against the return and sometimes you will also receive money on the return shipping.

      4. As long as you make sure to buy through Amazon, there is no fear of any fake, utter nonsense.

      5. "Others say speeds are not even close to declared" - Thank you for updating us that some people say that the standard A2 standard card does not reach declared speeds ... come on.
      Any buyer who checks me cards with USB 2 devices or such and others or on hard disks tells me that speeds are incompatible… when in fact some of them had HDD instead of SSD, inferior card reader and many other problems in their testing.

      Do a favor, don't recommend humanity and more, don't do "the past" in the Watsup or the nonsense of what others say.
      Did they say something? Go Google or start checking, are you the one who hears what he heard from the groove of his buttocks to others orally?
      You know… this is already a broken phone.

      1. 1 - 3
        Ok i buy some years there too?
        Claims of ingenuity do yourself a favor.
        4- Not necessarily. This is about reviews from people who bought from Amazon and not rumors, a wise man. Why should I go to Google later when it comes to specifically some of the reviews from Amazon Shopping?
        5- Ahh wait, you probably checked one by one the people who complained that everyone didn't have the necessary means like SSD and fast ticket readers to disqualify them. A deep bow on the effort.
        You look like the ones who got stuck in there from there and until you find a way to release the block you continue to blurt out nonsense after half reading or understanding is no longer clear…

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