Ultra-fast memory cards at a great price, now in Amazon

The " של Drops to its lowest level of prices

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Most smartphones today have a slot for expanding their internal storage, to our delight, while there are also compatible microSD cards that are capable of providing Which will make the extended memory effective for almost every possible need and use - then it is a shame to give up the opportunity to make use of this capability, especially when prices continue to drop and surprise favorably.

Amazon USA now offers to purchase the128GB Extreme Sandisk Extreme, With compatibility with A2 App Performance Minimized with random files that allow you to install and run applications directly from them and with continuous transfer speeds of up to 160 megabytes per second - at a base price of 26.5 dollars, the lowest observed to date, or 33.62 dollars.

If you choose to purchase additional products in the same package (without exceeding the total amount of 75 USD, VAT will be charged) - the shipping price will be divided and the deal will become even more profitable for you

Those who are interested in a more modest volume and price can also choose the model Sandisk Extreme 64GB, Which also carries the lowest cost tag - $ 23.48 including shipping, which is approximately NIS 90. At the same time, those who want the maximum volume SanDisk offers today can choose 400GB Extreme Which is offered at the price of 160.41 dollars including VAT and shipping, or approximately NIS 590 - expensive but definitely high quality for those who need it.

For dessert, those who need maximum volume at a minimum price are welcome to test if Sandisk Ultra model 256GB, With support for the A1 App Performance standard and continuous transfer speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second - at a final price of 47.58 dollars including home delivery, approximately NIS 180 in direct conversion. Know even better deals to expand storage on smartphones? Let's share them all with comments!

The current price in Amazon is almost half the cheapest price available in Israel for the same volume