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Upgrading to Black Friday: Fresh Coupons Online

Let's equip your home with smart means with rare price tags right now

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Keeping it home is always important, and now you can do it cheaper and easier than before with an Alfawise security camera that adjusts to the L3 Plus, which includes a wide-angle photo sensor for work both day and night, IP65 protection for water and dust for yard installation, speakerphone And a microphone for recording and sound playback - and a pair It is claimed that it should last for four months, so the installation is very simple and does not require electrical infrastructure.

Don't want to recharge your batteries once every few months? You can purchase a kit with a dedicated solar panel - at a price lower than the VAT exemption threshold!

Coupon code for the camera: 614LQO7HRS

Coupon code for the camera along with a solar panel: ALFAWISEL3S

Price: 50 dollars for the camera only, 75 dollars for the camera along with a dedicated photovoltaic panel, with free shipping to Israel.

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Alfawise is not only responsible for cleaning robots and security cameras - it also offers us home projectors at very competitive prices. The Q9 now sold at a great price includes a system Built-in to replace the need for connecting the projector to any external image source (although this option is supported, of course), including an 150 watt bulb with an illuminance of up to 16,000 lumens and the option to display an oblique size of between 40 inches from a little less than 2 meters to -300 inches away from 5.5 meters, 1080p resolution and with Built in 10 watts power for a complete experience in a single product.

Price: 200 dollars, with the option of shipping to Israel for only one dollar.

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Owners of a big home or paranoid (and possibly both together, in fact) can go for a more comprehensive home security system by a company called Stalwall - four cameras with 2 megapixel CMOS sensors and infrared for work in darkness with out-of-home compatibility , And an eight-channel NVR unit so you can add additional photo units if needed. All it takes is extra drive By connecting SATA to record the resulting information, you can sleep much better at night.

promo code: T4978PHQUM

Price: 158 dollars, with the option of shipping to Israel for only one dollar.

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The perfect 3D printer for beginners in the field continues to fall in price - the Creality Ender 3 model with a dedicated screen for control, a large print surface, a suitable outlet for Israeli electricity infrastructure, support for all common plastic raw materials and independent assembly. Now on sale For less than NIS 600, including shipping.

Price: 160 dollars, with the option of shipping to Israel for only one dollar.

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Yeelight's popular model (from Xiaomi's ecosystem, of course) with a diameter of 320 millimeters is available at one of its lowest price levels to date: easy installation, a variety of white hue luminaires, Compatibility with various popular smart home systems, through control Or the remote control and more.

Price: 70 USD, with the option of shipping to Israel at a price of only 2.61 USD.

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