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VisionTek Introduces: USB Drive with SSD Performance

The drive, which the company displays in volumes of 120 and 240 gigabytes, purports to offer performance similar to that of drives Full size

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The USB drive VisionTek's new 240 gigabyte

Fast USB drives are no longer the distant future, but VisionTek's new drive comes in a small, durable package, but it also offers impressive reading and writing performance that we are used to seeing only on drives Big. Named "VisionTek Pocket SSD ", the company's new drive is based on LSI's SandForce 2281 controller, and comes with up to 455 megabytes per second read speed and up to 440 megabytes per second writing speed. For example, an HD movie weighing 4.7 - Bytes will be delivered to the drive in just 10 seconds (when taking into account the maximum speed of writing) speed is certainly impressive considering the size of the drive. In the official drive of the drives, the company states the following specifications:

  • Cover: Aluminum
  • Speeds: Read - up to 455 megabytes per second, Writing: up to 440 megabytes per second
  • Supported technologies: UASP mode to allow multiple operations at the same time and reduce demand from the processor and DuraClass technology to secure the reliability of the drive
  • Read and write performance: up to 39,000 IOPS
  • Electricity: Through the drive itself
  • Compatibility: Support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Manufacturing Land and Warranty: United States Manufacturing Land, with lifetime warranty from VisionTek USA
  • Price: 120 gigabytes - 109.99 dollars (about NIS 420 in direct conversion), 240 gigabytes - 174.99 dollars (about NIS 660 in direct conversion)

Because of the speed of the new drive, the company is marketing it as a good solution for not only a fast backup drive but also as a drive to run an entire operating system without the need to partition the internal drive of the computer, similar to the Windows Bootcamp on Mac computers. The drives are now available for ordering from the official store website. (120 Gigabytes | 240 Gigabytes).



6 תגובות

  1. Amazing and affordable…
    We will wait for performance tests and hope for larger volumes as well

  2. Excellent!!! The price is not in the sky either.
    This will certainly lead to faster development of USB 4 to allow for higher speeds (although on paper USB3 allows up to 600 megabytes per second).
    In short, definitely good news (especially the fact that it has been here and not just some development or something that will appear in another X years).

  3. Didn't we finish? Already a group order before one serious test to reveal the full performance and what are the minuses?
    The attached video review is basic and can mislead those who are not listening. He did the exam with collapsible information, and stated that the performance would be much lower when it came to non-collapsed / already collapsed information.
    Looks like the fastest of its kind. But can it compete with respect on internal drives? We will know soon.

  4. Even if it's not as fast as internal SSDs, I think this is the start of a new gamma. And that will only do good to the other technologies.
    Also for DOKs, also for SSD drives, for interfaces (USB4.0) etc.

    Be sure to follow him faster.
    As soon as the big companies start displaying their models.

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