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Guests from the future: Smartphones with borderless screens

Unlike Lenovo, another Chinese manufacturer has promised us devices in which the display panel occupies an unprecedented percentage of the global product front - and has done so

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We continue to look for the next breakthrough smartphone, which will offer the ultimate compact dimensions and the maximum ratio that can be described between its display and its overall dimensions. It is not certain that this is the last stop, but it seems that now we have an impressive new record in this world - NEX.

The device we knew earlier this year as the APEX was launched in a number of practical versions that have been able to maintain, to our delight, the uniqueness of the prototype, without using With unnecessary tricks and deceptions.

Two different NEX devices, the NEX S and the NEX A, offer a very similar and impressive exterior appearance with Super AMOLED 6.6-inch screens, which are compressed by a very rectangular aspect ratio and tiny margins to dimensions very similar to those of the Note 8 - which offers an 6.3 screen only. Maximum screen, we have already said?

Large - but not as you would expect from a smart device with a screen that is connected to an 7-

The NEX S offers Snapdragon 845 up-to-date, 8GB dynamic memory and 256GB high-speed internal storage, the NEX A is content with the current Snapdragon 710 with 6GB RAM and 128GB of built-in storage - 8.1, a dual main camera with 12 megapixel camera with optical and electronic image stabilization systems and a secondary 5 megapixel camera, an 8 front-end camera that automatically jumps out of the device body, Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-channel connectivity, connectivity Bluetooth and 5.0 4,000mAh are impressive with fast charging support with up to 22 watts.

Both models will be offered in a combination of metal and glass, with a surprisingly positive profile of 8 millimeters, weight of 200 g - and black or red, at this stage

The pair of NEX devices are the first since the original Mi Mix Who give up the phone we know for a piezoelectric device that shakes the screen and thus produces a sound directly in the user's ear - all in order to save a little more space for the screen and of course not to compromise the upper fault in it. The NEX S even includes Which is built on the screen to complement the futuristic feeling, while the slightly reduced NEX A is satisfied with a more standard built-in biometric scanner at the back.

A "virtual" receiver, a fingerprint sensor embedded beneath the screen - and only a tiny black chin at the bottom of the front of the device

With the price tags of 4,000 Chinese Yuan (about 620 in direct conversion) for the NEX A and 4,500 Chinese Yuan (about 700 USD) for the NEX S, this is one of the most expensive smartphones we have ever received from China Two of the most interesting, when it is very possible that despite the prices here seems to be a significant success for the producer aspiring to permanently establish its position among the five largest smartphones.

Even an analog 3.5 millimeter connection to the headset is here - all that is missing here for the perfect specification is water and dust protection, and perhaps even Stereo

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