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wait? Not with us: Google approves Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in huge posters

The new smart home appliances Try to snap the crown of photography in a few weeks - this time with a triple-headed mainframe Reminiscent of Apple's new models

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Today we already officially know that a media event is planned 15 in October in New York will introduce us to the new Pixel 4 family - although this will happen after a particularly rich range of news and leaks about the smartphones on the road (which has already become a sort of puzzling tradition for the giant company), with even the people of the giant company Respectfully, you do not really endeavor to keep the products secret in preparation for the event, but choose to publish it publicly in one of the most popular places in the world.

Advertising posters for the 4, which reveals its new upgraded array of cameras and the fresh orange hue it will be available for purchase (among others), popped up in Times Square in New York - a few weeks before the press conference to be unveiled. Apparently, the company doesn't really believe in the surprise effect that other smart device makers are trying to preserve - and are convinced that partial exposure ahead of time can actually lead to greater public interest.

Hide the new smartphone? You laughed , Who chooses to go against the current

The Pixel 4 might offer us a screen Of 5.7 inches, very compact in modern market terms, with 2,280 × 1,080 pixels and the 2,900mAh battery that will be responsible for operating the internal hardware - while the Pixel 4 XL will probably offer a panel Of 6.23 inches at 3,040 × 1,440 pixels with an 3,700mAh battery that will improve slightly compared to the 3 XL.

Get ready for the new devices, with more modern and 'popular' design than before

In the current incarnation, the exterior design of the two Pixel models should be almost identical (except for the physical dimensions themselves, of course), with a significant "forehead" above the display panel, a small black "chin" below it, and a square photo frame at the back which will undoubtedly make comparisons That you can find on the 11

Invitation to the media event - which is already clear to everyone

Both models are supposed to offer us Snapdragon 855 processing, LPDDR4X memory of 6GB, fast built-in storage of between 64GB and 256GB with no expansion option with microSD cards, up-to-date Android 10 system, free of course redundant fingerprint scanner, speakers, Built-in Qi wireless built-in charging, IP68 protection against water and dust - as well as support of the screen with an increased refresh rate of 90 Hz, just like real modern flagship devices.

The devices will feature a black upper with a fair amount of dimensions that is not considered very fashionable in 2019 - but there seems to be a good reason for it

The new pair's photo capabilities are likely to be at the center of interest, as in previous Pixel generations - with a pair of rear-facing cameras in place, seemingly 12 megapixel resolutions for the main sensor and 16 megapixels for the secondary sensor (for up to 2 close-ups) ), Optical image stabilization arrays and a host of new processing capabilities that should be provided Even better in challenging lighting conditions. The third sensor in the rear will be a spectral depth sensor that will not provide photographic products alone but will help the other two units to be more aware of the objects facing them, so that the decision can be taken into account. 4 and 4 XL as smartphones with a triple main photo array.

Both models should be available in white, black, mint and orange - already starring on the billboards

Starting from the front of the devices should be just as interesting, with a single selfie camera but also no less than four infrared media sensors that will allow for accurate and highly reliable 3D face detection - and next to that we also expect the highlight: the first Soli sensor of its kind.

The smartphone "forehead" is loaded with smart sensors - including one we've never seen on another smart device, and may become Google's biggest joker

The Pixel 4 models are intended to be the first commercial devices on the market to feature a precise and gesture-based ultrasonic control sensor, part of the innovative Soli project presented by As a technology concept several years ago. Users will be able to make relatively intuitive and gentle gestures with their hands and fingers and control a host of actions on the smartphone without touching it at all.

Maybe this time we will see official availability in Israel? It will never hurt to fantasize and hold fingers

And what about the prices? The prophecies say we should expect a recommended tag of 800 dollars or more for the 4, and the price of 900 dollars and up for his big brother - in both cases it's a tax-free price, as is customary in the United States of course. European prices are likely to be higher because they will include the tax within them, and it looks like the bet on 900 euros and above to 4 and 1,000 and above to 4 XL is requested in this case.

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