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Going on a new road? First official glimpse of the Snapdragon 820 chip

As promised, Qualcomm officially unveiled the chip, The next leader they work on. Or at least selected parts thereof

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Last week, we received details from first leaps about the capabilities of The future Snapdragon 820 , Whose main task would be to fix everything that went wrong in The hot (conceptual, but sometimes practical) 810, and prove to the world that it is still the best in the field.

Now it turns out that Qualcomm has decided to expose us to their new masterpiece in parts and stages, and what has been revealed is quite consistent with what we have heard less formally before. So please familiarize yourself with the graphics core sample Adreno 530, and Image processing that meets the name Spectra.


The core of the Adreno 530 will, if you still believe in the chip developer from San Diego, satisfy Which are higher in favor of 40 than those of the Adreno 430 core (which is very advanced in its own right) 810, thanks to updated and improved internal architecture - and at the same time offering power consumption less than 40 percent of that of Adreno 430, mainly thanks to the transition to production in the FinFET process of , Compared to the 20 nm planar process (although the identity of the process itself has not been officially announced - and so we may end up seeing the corresponding 16 nm process here from TSMC).


The new core will support all the latest devices in the mobile world, such as the OpenGL ES 3.1, the innovative Vulkan standard to be installed, the Renderscript standard, and the OpenCL 2.0 standard, Which is designed to provide video processing capabilities and significantly better image processing with minimal power consumption. In addition, the Company confirmed that The Snapdragon 820 will be the jumping-off point to the Ultra HD resolution world - and will support display resolution As well as in the transmission of a picture Wirelessly (probably at a maximum frame rate of 30 per second), as well as high quality image transmission And at a rate of 60 frames per second, 2.0


Alongside the Adreno 530 in Snapdragon 820, there will also be the latest Adreno 510 core that will be part of the Snapdragon 618 and Snapdragon 620 processors for the middle market - and in this case the company also announces the addition Up to approximately 40 percent in power consumption of about 40 percent, compared to the fairly medium Adreno 405 core we saw in 615 current.


That's what we knew about the 820 to date - and it seems pretty good at what we actually expect

Now, we'll move on to the new image processing mechanism that got the name Spectra, and brings the Make a bombastic announcement about the quality of DSLR-quality photography that will be available on your next smartphone.

The new ISP will offer support for up to three sensors (i.e., dual array cameras and another sensor for the secondary camera, as we have seen on several smart devices), up to 25 megapixel resolution and very fast 30 In the second, including a promise of zero times for the aperture.

New algorithms for improving quality in the dark and increasing signal to noise ratio, support for all types of automatic focus technologies, support for programmatic zoom based on GPGPU processing of the graphics core, and more. The contemporaryity of the company.


It's a big doubt if we can actually get cameras The quality of an average DSLR camera in the coming year, but it is reasonable to assume that we will continue to see the continuous and impressive improvement in ultra-high-end photography , And that's what we're finally interested in.

In the context of the current announcements, Qualcomm also confirmed that the chip- The first 820 will be available only during the first half of 2016 - so anyone hoping to see the next generation is already looking forward to the end of the current year.

It is reasonable to assume that in the near future, additional announcements will be heard from within , Which will reveal some details about the Kryo general processing core (or Hydra depending on who you ask), the digital signal processing mechanism, the new built-in modem and other advanced capabilities to be built into that tiny piece of silicon that will significantly affect the way the world Our smartphones will show in 2016.

Qualcomm apparently has a few more surprises in its sleeve, which it will soon be presenting
Qualcomm apparently has a few more surprises in its sleeve, which it will soon be presenting

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