Listen and Like: The Dunu TITAN 5 is a big surprise in a small case
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Listen and Like: The Dunu TITAN 5 is a big surprise in a small case

Looking for compact headphones with A large? God- Dunu's news is not bad at all, sounds great, and can be a very good choice for you

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The button (or in-ear) earphones usually do not get the same attention as The Big Rainbow. It is natural that if we buy a smart phone which usually comes with Free button We will not buy the same type again. Make no mistake, there are Button which are able to compete even with Rainbow. Today we will check what quality earphones have to offer.

Company Dunu Topsound The Taiwanese company was founded in 1994 as a company that manufactured headphones for other companies and after several years began designing and manufacturing its own headphones. One of the models which helped to place the company on the map of audiophiles is called TITAN 1. This model has received a lot of exposure in reviews and forums dedicated to audio and has even been launched by FiiO called EX1. Today we will examine the 5 Which came to expand the series -.


ID - Dunu 5

  • Headphones Type: Button (in-ear)
  • Audio Element Size: 13 mm
  • resistance: 32 ohm
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz - 40KHz
  • sensitivity: 108 ± 2dB
  • Cable length: 1.2 meter
  • Weight: 24 g
  • price: 170 dollars

t5_boxrear t5_frontbox



The headphones come in an elegant black box. In the foreground there is a close-up picture of the earphones and on the sides of the box information in several languages. Inside the box you can see the headphones behind a transparent plastic window and around them a lot of information which I will discuss below. After opening the door of the panel, the earphones and three pairs of silicone pads are spread out in different sizes.


Inside the box are two additional pairs of silicone pads, a pair of external silicone adapters (which are dressed on the earpiece side of the ear), a shirt fastener and an 6.5 mm adapter.


Headphones - the appearance and quality of construction


Unlike standard button earphones, the main body of this earpiece is outside the ear (some call this type of Half-in-the-ear), this valve exits a small tube on which the silicon pads are worn. With this structure you can increase the audio element and produce a lower and full bass.


The entire headset body is made of stainless steel and has a long flashing process that gives it a shiny silver look. Inside the headset is an audio element made of titanium. This material helps to distribute the energy evenly throughout the surface and thus helps prevent distortion when increasing the volume. In addition, due to the fact that Titanium is very rigid and dense material, the headphones are able to provide very high frequencies.


I figured that at this price level a woven cable is a standard thing but that is not the case here. The headphone cable is made of smooth, flexible rubber including a metallic Y splitter, a fastener for the shirt, a cuff that helps to fold and exit from gold. If you've searched For phone calls, this is not the address, there is no sign and microphone here.



The earphones come with a large number of silicon adapters of different sizes ensuring that the size is right for us. After finding the comfortable couple for me, I had the feeling that the earphones would not stay in the ear for long. Fortunately for the box there are a pair of external silicone adapters and when I dressed them it was a day and night difference, the headphones sat very comfortably and comfortably.


The headset does not have an active background noise cancellation mechanism, and yet I also heard the music well in a noisy environment. In addition, I liked the fact that although the earphones are made of metal, their weight is relatively low (for example, the RHA T10 weighs 39 grams).

Listening tests - music

Now we will check the sound signature of the headphones in the music and so will know whether they are True audiophilia. In order to test this, a test drive must be performed in a variety of songs of all types.

Our performance test will include the albums:

Kanye_West_albums Daft_Punk_albums

Beethoven_albums RHCP_albums

To- 5 has a sound signature close to the V configuration, ie the low and high frequencies are dominant but the frequencies are less intermediate. In the Graduation album, the low and tight basses are beautifully expressed. Daft Punk has excellent sound separation, the voice of the singer and drums are placed in the middle and the keys on the sides. I really liked the sound of the guitar in the RHCP album, the acoustic and the tram sounded very real. Although the headphones are able to separate the sounds successfully, the classical music sounded a little flat and the high notes were sometimes grating.

Use of games

Button heads do not come to mind when we think of gaming but there are exceptions like the - Hammerhead and Steelseries Flux. Although the 5 Which are aimed at music and not computer games, can certainly be enjoyed in the field of gaming. In the games I played, the headphones produced relatively strong bass sounds, dialogs were clear, and the explosions and shots sounded fleshy without any distortion even when the volume was raised to the limit.

The Bottom Line


After a long time with the headphones, I realized where the buzz comes from in the forums about a supposedly "name-dropping" company in the field of headphones. The headphones sound excellent, look great and are very comfortable. You can easily mention them in one breath along with the big and popular companies.

Although quite impressive, there are several reservations. The intermediate frequencies are a bit remote, a fact that will disturb some classical music lovers. A sign and a microphone are not here and the cable is not woven.

All in all, I'm very happy with the headsets. I think there is very little At a price comparable to sound quality and construction. If you are looking for Button that give work like Big bow, these are the headphones for you.

the good

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Excellent building quality
  • Include lots of adapters
  • Extremely comfortable

The bad

  • Lack of subtle refinement at high frequencies
  • מחיר


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