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We tested 5 photo editing applications on iPhone and Android

Graphic artist in NIS (or even less)

With the invention of the first camera somewhere in the 19 century, the one that required a head cover, a flashlight Separate, button with wire, and roll film, people used the pictures, to commemorate important and beautiful moments in their lives. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words (go write now a thousand words).

The family photo album was always the focus of pilgrimage in family events, and was used to bring back fond memories of the old days. The same album almost ceased to exist in the digital age, and replaced it with albums on the computer, and later, the Internet photo albums, the most famous and most popular of them today, is the one in our Facebook account.
Modernization, and the "global village" created in our world, created together the need to know, at any given moment, who does what and where. This need, along with the fact that the smartphone market has been booming in recent years, is leading people to take pictures In real time from their daily lives, and share them so everyone knows where they are (and what they eat).
Like everything else these days, the usual pictures, too, were getting tired. People began to look for original and interesting ways to design But the relative complexity of using professional editing software has prevented most of them from enjoying it. Almost immediately, as in any other field, applications were not too late to reach users.
Any development company And every famous developer was quick to create Simple ones that will allow each of us to feel like a master photographer, to edit and design his pictures as he wishes, and to add effects, which he will see deeply. The market was quickly filled with apps, better and less good, and so you can get a little more familiar, and enjoy the pictures too, we chose the best five free apps for you.
Instagram - mainstream and rightly so
First, Instagram Is not just an image editing application. It was designed and created as an independent design and image sharing platform. Each user opens an entire account and links it to social networks of his choice. After that, you can take pictures with Or choose a photo from your Facebook photo album, edit it, and share it. The broad and simple sharing options are clearly why the app has become the most popular in the world right now. And in our opinion - even rightly so.
In terms of appearance, the design of the application is beautiful and simple, and its interface is relatively simple and requires a little time to get used to it. Nevertheless, we did not fall out of the chair. The application is definitely not among the leaders in the field and we believe that its popularity points to its ease of operation, which is due to the low availability of the application compared to other applications.
Overall the app is nice. Not too sophisticated, nor too simple. However, the great advantage of Comes from the convenience of fast network sharing.

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Befunky Photo Editor - Invest in design, less options
The lightest app from Befunky, Was developed entirely from minimalism. It is designed to give the user a quick and easy design experience, without too many options and dilemmas, and it is like Isntagram, Supports an internal community for sharing on behalf of Befunky, And creates a gallery that will allow all users to see your photos.
The interface is very simple, and is built from a single menu bar containing 3 key tools. In addition to this, there is a row that offers a preview of each effect. Great change compared to competing apps.

Overall, Befunky Photo Editor She The preview is excellent and saves time, but the few possibilities, the effects and the ability to edit the image are evident in the application, and ultimately diminish its quality.

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Photoshop Express - Not like her big sister
The small and comfortable version of the Adobe, Which brought us the best editing software in the world. We expected the quality of the little sister in the family, only a pity that she was too small. The options offered in the software are very basic. It offers only 7 built-in effects (which are repeated almost all Basic design), plus eleven adjustable effects - a relatively small number of effects, and definitely disappointing.
The design, which also did not excite us, is made up of two simple black lines that contain the effect buttons. Due to its simple design, the application's outstanding response speed is emphasized, and the interface is simple and fast. Definitely does not compensate for the lack of design, but it is also something.
The main advantage ofPhotoshop Express, Is that the effects are of high quality and do not damage the image at all (which usually happens in other applications). In addition, the final product of Express looks a bit better than the competition, but not at the level where each eye will feel the difference.
All in all, we received quality effects, thin design and a very fast interface. Of the rest, we were not enthusiastic at all.

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Fotolr - Photo Editor - Feel like a designer on
App from home Tiny Piece, Looks at first glance as a very professional design app. Its design is colorful, full And very pleasing to the eye. In addition to its interface and appearance are different than usual, giving the user a full view of the image and all the effects in parallel, allowing for a most convenient design interface and comparison of different effects at the same time.
Fotolr Includes a wide range of effects and design tools. The great selection gives a designer feel, and we especially enjoyed its "brush" option. This option allows the user, besides the normal option to apply the desired effect to the entire image, to apply the effect with the brush, thus marking only certain parts of the image to apply the effect. This option gives much more granular control over the design, allowing you to create things that you simply can not do in other applications.
Overall, Fotolr She Quality, professional and designed. It contains a number of special functions that we have not yet seen in other applications, functions that will definitely help you to enjoy the special design and perfect result.

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Camera Awesome - A small taste of a large app
The uniqueness of the application from home Smugmug Starts before formatting. Instead of selecting an image from your photo album, you can use its built-in camera, which offers the user seven different shooting modes (including digital image stabilization).
After the image is taken or selected, we will see a full screen full of good. The application offers over seventy filters, frames and textures, and over 100 design primitives. It's a pity that the great majority exists only in the paid version, and the free eaters like us enjoy only nine items from each category.
The combination of the simple interface, along with the beautiful gray design, ensures you enjoy the design It's easy, and when you're done, you can share them on Facebook, , Flickr, Picasso, Photobucket, and Instagram.
All in all this is Enormous, and interesting, and our only disappointment is that the majority is paid and we get only a small taste.

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The bottom line

Of all the applications we reviewed, one can clearly conclude that the best and most professional in the field of design is Fotolr, But if you have a little extra rustle in your pocket, we recommend that you also invest and buy the full version of Camera Awesome, Which will undoubtedly give you a richer range of design tools, effects, frames and frosts.
In conclusion, we will present you with one conclusion that we learned during the writing of the article: If you are looking for a quick and easy design, and especially network sharing options,Instagram. If you want to enjoy more professional design, and more extensive editing tools, it is best for you to get out of the box and experiment with other applications, as presented in this article.

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