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Who wants an 24,000 smartphone?

The ambitious Chinese manufacturer decides to have fun in the ultra-premium market of the mobile world with a special version of the Redmi K20 Pro that includes gold and diamonds

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Xiaomi sells to the world mainly thanks to the high-end devices it offers for sale around the globe, which have very little direct competition in those cost-effective relationships - especially when it comes to the Redmi series to a young target audience.

Recently we have seen Further growth in the Redmi family with the launch of the K20 models, The first of their kind, Which offered a large processing power without sacrificing the competitive price tag or the generous battery To our delight. So what's left to do now? To launch a mega-luxury version of 20 higher than the original, of course. wait, what?

Only 20 units will be available for sale - each at a price approximately 20 higher than the standard version. Are we suddenly reminded of Vertu, which has developed luxury versions of its instruments? Somewhere in the past?

As part of the play The Redmi K20 Pro, With A powerful 855 camera and a mechanical SLP camera from the body of the device to the Indian market - also announced the K20 Pro Signature Edition, with a shiny back cover coated with pure gold and a decoration of the letter 'K' as the name of the series on the bottom made up of diamonds. Plans to create only such units for the growing Indian market - and will price them in 20 rupees - or 480,000 in direct conversion.

This is how it actually looks. Exaggerated or amazing?

It is not clear whether this is a one-time bluff , Or in the first swallow of a new revenue channel that it plans to try to develop in the near future - but there is no doubt that this is a very surprising move that we will continue to follow and wonder about.

The chance to see the gold model in Israel seems to be near zero - but we are still looking forward to the arrival of the standard Redmi K20 Pro, Or Mi 9T Pro if you wish, To our domestic market


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