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Why do not I have a radio on my smartphone?

If you have a smart phone, it is likely that it also contains a radio receiver Built-in FM - but It turns out that in most cases it is deliberately disabled by manufacturers

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Luxury smartphones include the forefront of technology. The manufacturers are pushing in more and more features and capabilities. But one feature that used to be common in these phones is gradually removed from most advanced phones: the radio. This is not an internet radio but an FM radio, which allows reception of local radio channels.

Why do you need FM radio on your phone? After all, it is possible to listen to the radio via cellular internet. Well, FM radio is free. It does not require use of the mobile browsing package. Many users have limited surfing packages, and using the radio through browsing requires a lot of data volume. Using a mobile Internet to listen to a radio even drains the battery more than three times faster than an FM radio.

But who ever listens to radio nowadays, when the internet is full of such high quality content? So - even if you belong to a generation that stopped listening to radio - in a country like Israel, where a news event is chasing an event, many are clinging to the radios wherever they are. In emergencies, it is important to have free radio reception available without quickly draining the battery. Last winter, many remained without electricity for long hours. In a country that has undergone a massive missile attack every few years, there is a serious risk of disconnecting electricity from high-voltage columns, and in such cases it is desirable to have access to news updates on a device running on batteries that is in our pocket anyway. Attack or natural disaster could cause To overload the cellular network Until it collapses, at a time when information and instructions to the public are critical. But beyond emergencies - in everyday life it is good to listen to a local station of good music without paying for bandwidth and consumption High.

The old radio
"Don't turn off the old radio." earthly]
So why do not you have an FM radio chip on your device? The answer is: It is likely that the chip actually exists in your devices. Many smartphones have the technological ability to play FM radio, but phone manufacturers disable this option as part of the production process. These are devices of well-known companies such as Samsung and even a company Apple. Why do they do that? Perhaps because cellular providers can not enjoy bandwidth gains when installed on a free radio. Perhaps because selling targeted advertisements and monitoring the listening habits of FM radio users are problematic in this way. It is difficult to find an official explanation of why the radio is blocked. At a conference Who was in the US answered the question CTIA Vice President - American Wireless Communications. He said: "What Americans need is the ability to stream media, download data and set up a playlist themselves to suit their personal needs. This is not an option given on classic FM radio. For companies to operate the radio receiver - there is a public demand. "That is, cellular companies determine what is good for consumers without giving them the opportunity to choose independently.

IPhone 6
IPhone 6 also includes Murata 339S0228, which allows for radio reception. This option is disabled by the manufacturer, perhaps to encourage users to download content from Apple's online services

If so, there is no public demand and therefore no radio receiver. But there is such a demand in the US, which is promoted by a number of telecommunications organizations freeradioonmyphone.org Encourages those interested in radio in their device to contact the providers of major cellular companies, the Federal Communications Authority and even members of the US House of Representatives. The results: A large number of cell phones defined as "radio missing" have become For FM receivers. This is not a matter of hardware changes in the labs, but simply updating software received by consumers from cellular providers. For example, the popular flagship device Samsung Galaxy S7 Enables listening to FM radio from most US cellular carriers from about two months ago.

GSMArena Screenshot
Screenshot GSMARENA
According to the specifications of the smart phone S7 has no radio. But in the US, following the consumer lobby - it does exist without any hardware changes

And in Israel? In the absence of a suitable lobby, FM radio can not be received in most flagship devices. Few luxury appliances such as LG G5 and Sony Xperia X contain this option. In many of the cheap intermediate devices, the feature is also active. In the family of relatively affordable devices, Samsung Galaxy J has the option of receiving radio. But anyone who wants to buy the quality Galaxy S7 in Israel will have to give up the feature, despite the high price he paid for the advanced flagship device. In a study conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation,with the BBC - indicates that two-thirds of mobile phone owners surveyed were interested in accessing free radio on their device.

And what about you? Would you be happy to receive free radio reception on your device or do you think this feature is unnecessary? Tell us in comments.


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  1. I am still "young" and the new generation so I think about it I haven't really heard radio in recent years (if at all).

    I would love to have heard the radio on mobile devices. Always a little fun to be old-fashioned;)

  2. I would like to have a radio chip.
    This is one of the things that will affect the next device I buy.

  3. There is another problem - my phone has a built-in radio, but due to a third party operating system change, there is no app capable of turning on the radio receiver.

    1. There is an app that replaces the original radio app
      SPIRIT FM RADIO 2 I used it on the Not 2 I had and it worked fine.

  4. How to cancel the strike on the phone? Listening to fixed radio .. I noticed that the radio on the internet (in my phone) is slow in 30 seconds from the radio received on radio waves. And the radio is in HOT HOT in 10 seconds .. How do I return the option ??

  5. What not to do for money, amazing, preventing users from some features that are essential and some are not. What keeps them from having an option? I personally do not use it so bad, but there are probably enough people who would be happy to use so why not? Greed?

  6. Thank you. I was also looking forward to reading about why headphones need to be connected to hear radio on FM radio support devices. Anyone know?

    1. The earbuds serve as an antenna for radio reception.
      Samsung, for example, has discontinued S4 radio support. The processor they used at the time was not created by them and included radio processing, but they deliberately did not put into the design the ability to take advantage of the capability.

  7. Would love to hear if there is a good app that does not require ROOTING or any changes to the original hardware? And even if there isn't, I think this can be a great challenge for app developers.

  8. About the US Sprint network provider, I've been enjoying radio (and Samsung) on ​​the Note Series flagship for over a year and a half. I don't buy a mobile device if it doesn't have a built-in radio. Disappointed with the disadvantage of the Note 4, I bought HTC max as a suitable replacement for the Note 3 after a year and a half. After six months with HTC, I suddenly found out in the Spirit app thread, where I used to write questions to the app creator (about him) to improve my third-party radio experience, I saw among the lines that he mentioned Sprint's Note 2. I researched in depth on the Internet to confirm the claim and discovered that some people still testify. I took the risk, after a lot of trial and error, including many ROM / Kernel replacements, I managed to run Spirit3 on the lollipop version and I enjoy radio like the good days of the Walkman and even more because of the possibility of recording the same quality. It is important to keep the radio built in to mobile devices because it also gives the possibility to record, something that is impossible to do in the car, for example, where most people have become accustomed to it being the only place where radio exists.

  9. I use it a lot.
    For me, a device that does not have access to FM radio is disqualified for use.

  10. I used every radio on my device. Unfortunately, my device does not have a radio and I have to hear over the Internet. No doubt I'll put that to you on the next device I'll buy

    I'm a regular listener to FM radio and various content,
    Some time ago I purchased a new device and one of the things I was looking for to have a built-in radio component and unfortunately most of the mobiles on the market were without the radio component they used to be,
    Which is why I purchased the LG4 smartphone for me and my family to my satisfaction.

    Best regards A.I.

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