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10 windows already here, is it time to purchase a discounted tablet?

New system May bring new life to modest tablets based on atom chips, and the Chuwi Vi10 is a good example

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Windows-based tablets at very competitive prices have become a fairly common sight with the launch of the successful Bay Trail atom chips , But it seems that they will become more competitive and intriguing in the near future, with the continuation of the free updates to the 10 window system that began at the end of the previous month.

So maybe now is actually the best time to buy a cheap tablet that runs , And can take you to the Windows Age 10 easily? If so - the Chinese Chuwi Vi10 may be one of the best options around.

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On Vi10, you will get an 10.6-inch XPS panel-based 736 × 1368 pixel resolution, a Bay Trail Sealed Square Trail Z3736F chip with a maximum 1.83GHz base frequency and a turbocharger of up to 2.16GHz, 2GB storage capacity, or 32GB volume, MicroSD slot for further expansion - and a system And next to it a system 4.4 .

Additional features of the tablet are the front 2 megapixel camera and the 2 rear megapixel camera, a pair of speakers on both sides of the device, a pair of full-size 2.0 USB connections plus one micro USB connection for charging and a micro HDMI connection for transmission As well as a 8,000-milli-hour battery.

It is worth noting that the Chuwi Vi10 comes "out of the box" with a system 8.1 (and the KitKat Android system, as mentioned), but similar to the vast majority of the devices running the 8, also should be eligible for free upgrade to 10 windows.


You can purchase the Vi10 in a version with 32GB's built-in storage at a cost of 140 dollars (about NIS 543 in direct conversion) plus free international shipping, while the 64GB version will get you an even more lucrative price of 150 dollars Direct Conversion NIS). In addition, can be purchased A dedicated protective cover that also functions as a keyboard, For 24 another dollar with the same free shipping is.


To purchase page for the 64GB version click here

To purchase page for the 32GB version click here

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  1. How much will the 64GB cost including shipping?
    I would like to join someone who invites.

  2. First of all, the price listed is 171 dollars. Without the keyboard.
    Second - run out of inventory.

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