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With the Pie comes the appetite: a new record of Google's Pixel 3 XL

One of the candidates for the title of the best smartphone on the market for 2018 shows his face once more and reveals additional technical information

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After we saw The best Samsung has to offer With the Note 9, our interest in the upcoming flagship products of Huawei, Apple - and . Fortunately, the network continues to provide surprising leaks, even when we are within a few months of the estimated official date of exposure.

video clip Coming to us from Russia at first glance at what looks like an actual production model of the Pixel 3 XL - with an oblique-sized screen of no less than 6.7 inches, a front defect for the most advanced photo set (three 8 megapixels - whisper Spatial and best-identified face recognition?), Single rear camera, updated UI An 9.0 pie and an envelope with a glossy element and a matte element on the back that is very reminiscent of the current generation.

The look itself might not surprise you too much - but the specification inside does

In addition to the surprising fact that a five-minute impression video from a famous device, which comes about two months before the announcement date, the technical specifications documented in the leaks may cause the eyebrows to rise upwards: The Snapdragon 845 is obviously the obvious choice, but 4GB dynamic memory and basic 64GB storage are considered too little in the modern flagship product category, especially considering the high price tag with which the Pixel 2 XL was introduced less than a year ago. also With 3,430mAh capacity, which is a cut compared to the The current 2 XL raises quite a few question marks.

We have heard estimates about launching more popular versions of the Pixel devices as of late last year - but is there really any chance that it will start with the leading product of , In a market where more and more manufacturers are beginning to pass the 1,000 bar rate? We'll see

Is it possible that Google is preparing a surprise for us all in the form of a base version of The flag will be cheaper than previous versions, plus more advanced versions with Enlarged to fit top price tags? At this point, we can only offer speculation - and ensure that we continue to monitor and update you on all significant developments.


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  1. The pixel was changed by his camera.
    All the rest, I'm less disturbing / interesting.
    Hope the third version will have surprises
    For the best in photography.

  2. Yes of course.

    While the Andromes have nothing to fear,

    As for the camera, the situation seems different to me.

    I wish not… ..

  3. Google will not drop a dime for the price. Maybe even a canal.
    She does not make enlarged memories because her whole conceptual line is cloud use. It will simply give a large cloud storage package.

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